Roofinox is the perfect material for the roof. First its matt appearance assures least reflections from the roof. Hence Roofinox reflects heat incomparably well unlike dark roofing surfaces. Additionally its unsurpassed longevity makes it the best and hassle-free investment for the roof.


Roofinox wall-cladding will create an elegant, lasting and thus subtle impression. Any kind of shape, panel and effect can be achieved, with the most sustainable product.


Roofinox stainless steel is the perfect flashing material. Flashings for roof, window, or perimeter are best made of Roofinox, it complements all other applied materials.


Roofinox rainware products such as gutters and downspouts are the best choice for your house when it comes to design, longevity and lowest maintenance costs. The brush-rolled, 4-times duller, grey surface matches any material used on the building.


Roofinox provides exceptional decorative surfaces which make it a popular pick for interior design. Most commonly it is used for ceiling and wall-panels.

Technical Information

The following information should help you install Roofinox stainless steel the right way. This information is relevant but not exhaustive and exclusive. Should you be insecure about the application, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you find the right product for your application by telephone, fax, E-mail, or mail. Nevertheless we are confident that you will answers to most general questions on the pre-prepared pages.

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Roofinox stainless steel is a key building block for a sustainable future. Material properties such as durability, strength, hygiene, corrosion resistance and 100% recylcability makes it not just a meterial of choice, but also an enabler of sustainable Solutions. Sustainable Roofinox stainless steel means lower life cycle costs and lower emissions. By using Roofinox stainless steel you decrease your and your customers Carbon footprint.

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