Roofinox Acustic

The silencer

The silencer

Reliable and scientifically tested

Roofinox Acustic provides a large set of advantages:

  • Excellent test results
  • Noise reduction uo to -15 dB in frequency
  • Reduces standard impact sound by up to -7 dB
  • Particularly effective in the mid-range (to which the human ear is highly sensitive)
  • Standard impact sound as per EN ISO 10140-3 is reduced by 1) 250 mm width: -6 dB; 2) 330 mm width: -7 dB
  • Prevents fluttering noises
  • Improves surface stability
  • Easy to fit

Areas of use

Roofinox Acustic is you silencer. Reliable and scientifically tested

  • Sheet metal roofs
  • Cladding elements
  • Dormer windows
  • Sills
  • Coverings