Roofinox Classic

The brush-rolled stainless steel

The brush-rolled stainless steel

Our flagship product.

Roofinox Classic provides a large set of advantages:

  • Looks 4 times as matt thanks to its unique brush-rolled surface
  • Very easy to seam, because Roofinox is 20 % softer
  • Reduced machine and tool wear
  • Special surface for 88 % less gloss level
  • “Self-cleaning effect” thanks to brush rolling.
  • 100 % natural surface (non-laminated) due to special production process
  • Modified production sequence ensures higher corrosion resistance
  • Special surface structure for excellent solderability
  • Extremely easy to clean

Areas of application

Roofinox Classic is ready for nearly every project

  • Roofing
  • Wall-Cladding
  • Rainware (gutters, downspouts, etc)
  • Flashings
  • Windowframing