Roofinox Plus .0157

The ribbed stainless steel

The ribbed stainless steel

Our entry level product.

Roofinox Plus .0157 provides a large set of advantages:

  • Significant increase in surface stability thanks to ribbed surface of the .0157″ thick stainless steel
  • 20% cost saving per sq ft by saving material
  • Optical light refraction for a smoother appearance
  • Corrugation makes minor mishaps less noticeable
  • Less sensitive during processingspan>
  • Even more resistant to hailstorms
  • Excellent solderability thanks to embossing

Areas of application

Roofinox Plus .0157 is ready for nearly every project

  • Roofing
  • Wall-Cladding
  • Rainware (gutters, downspouts, etc)
  • Flashings
  • Window Flashings