Complete system for roof and facade made of HFX stainless.

Icon mit HFX Edelstahl von ROOFINOX in Weiß
Roof for generations

60-year warranty, no corrosion,
no problems, no renovation

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Color without color

permanent UV resistance,
no varnish, no paint, no ageing

Nachhaltigkeit Icon ROOFINOX HFX Edelstahl.

lowest CO2 footprint,
over 200 years life expectancy


We are the inventor and manufacturer of HFX stainless from Austria. We supply the only comprehensive range of roof and facade systems made of HFX stainless.

Like no other.

Dachsysteme aus HFX Edelstahl von ROOFINOX

A roof made of HFX stainless is built to last for generations. 
A material for all challenges and of distinctive beauty. Various surface designs and profiles available.

Fassadensysteme aus HFX Edelstahl von ROOFINOX.

The material for facades to express aesthetics and character. HFX stainless offers variety and design for a permanently beautiful facade.

Verblechungen aus HFX Edelstahl von ROOFINOX. - Sockelbleche, Attika, Fensterbänke und vieles mehr.

Protect the corners and edges of your home with the strongest and most durable flashings in ultra-matte HFX stainless. Easier to work with.

ROOFINOX HFX Edelstahl Bänder und Tafeln für Dach, Fassade und Dachrinne

Highly flexible stainless steel for classic sheet metal technology. This makes demanding sheet metal projects a success and processing remains simple.

bürstgewalzter HFX Edelstahl für Dach und Fassade von ROOFINOX

Ultra matte surface structure, achieved by brush-rolling. 
Up to 35% more malleable, easy to solder. 
Peace-of-mind, sustainable, beautiful.

ROOFINOX ZINN ist der patinierende HFX Edelstahl für Dach und Fassade mit der dunkelsten Patina.

TIN (terne coated stainless) weathers to a natural matte patina in an incomparably beautiful gray tone – the beauty of traditional terne metal.

Like no other.

HFX stainless from ROOFINOX

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HFX stainless in architecture

Like no other.

Rauchmühle, TIN, customised solution

Lowest CO2 footprint

Morrill Hall - Cornell University, TIN, STANDING SEAM

Our services for you


Private residence, PEARL, STANDING SEAM

Private Residence O., DURA, STANDING SEAM

HFX stainless

Private residence, PROTON, STANDING SEAM




Discover the world of HFX stainless with the new ROOFINOX website!

Welcome to ROOFINOX, your Austrian expert and the only complete supplier of facade and roof systems made of HFX stainless! We are pleased to introduce you to our brand new website, which not only makes it easier to find information, but also simplifies navigation for you.

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ROOFINOX Postkarte mit goldenen Rhombusschindeln

We are too thrifty to buy cheap.

What makes HFX stainless a quality product? Forever and ever? The most durable construction metal. Life cycle costs, what is really cheap?

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ROOFINOX Postkarte mit Quadratschindeln aus HFX Edelstahl in der Farbe Altgold

If you are aware of your strength, you don't always need to make yourself strong.

What is true strength in roofing material? What are the advantages of this strength? Decades of function require resistant materials.

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ROOFINOX Postkarte mit Profilfassader aus HFX Edelstahl

The difference between too much and too little is far too little known.

Why HFX stainless for roofs, facades and gutters does NOT shine? How does ROOFINOX produce the most matte stainless steel surfaces?

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ROOFINOX Postkarte mit Stehfalzfassade

Short-term thinking has long-term consequences.

Are you still building for the short term or are you already looking for long-term solutions? Life cycle optimized planning, because long-term thinking saves money.

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ROOFINOX Postkarte mit Quadratschindeln aus HFX Edelstahl

All progress begins by questioning what is outdated.

“Proper HFX stainless”, i.e. untinned and yet 4-fold matte stainless steel, is permissible for any application without hesitation.

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