Why Roofinox?

Because your home is the most beautiful place in the world – outer facade and roof made of rust-free Roofinox stainless steel

Imagine a storm howling outside while you’re sitting in your home safe and sound with a cup of tea or coffee. The snow piles up on your roof and the cold creeps around the house, all the while staying outside.
That’s the Roofinox coziness. Like no other.

Think ahead 30 years to you standing outside your house admiring the beautiful facade and impressive roof that look just as good as they did on the very first day. No matter how the surroundings may change, your house’s looks will still fit in perfectly. This is because Roofinox can be combined with simply anything.
That’s the pride of owning Roofinox. Like no other.


Try to imagine – twenty years from now – your neighbors all around you worrying about renovations and repairs. Meanwhile, you and your family are planning your next holiday, envisaging buying a boat or fulfilling another one of your dreams.

That’s the lasting value of Roofinox. Like no other.


Picture a world in which people are caring, respecting the planet and all of its inhabitants, and in which every enterprise and project protects the environment. As a Roofinox builder or renovator, you’ve been in on this from the start.

That’s sustainability and ecology with Roofinox. Like no other.

 Smart builders and renovators expect the future and Roofinox. Certainly the wisest choice in the long term.


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