Design Surfaces

From super matte to mirror shine, and everything in between – Our design for your ideas

Architects and builders are increasingly taking advantage of the many functional and optical advantages of stainless steel surfaces for the roof and façade. When choosing the right surface, the individual requirements are always important.

All Roofinox stainless steel surfaces are specially created design surfaces. Each one has been designed to meet specific functional and aesthetic requirements.

Roofinox Design Surfaces – Unique like no other.

There are numerous factors that define the choice of the surface:

  • Is a special degree of reflection or a special degree of dullness required, for example on an airport ground where the lowest reflection is desired?
  • There are special requirements, such as weather and climate, or from the UV irradiation   be determined?
  • Should the surface have a certain design pattern or a pleasant feel?
  •  How are the technical criteria in processing, such as the improved solderability?
  • Should a high-gloss object be created, whose facade should reflect the surroundings?

We at Roofinox have asked us all these and many other questions, and they answered with the development of specific surfaces for all their requirements.

Roofinox. We design surfaces. Like no other.

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