To make you feel good

Our lifestyle has an influence on this planet. More and more people are genuinely concerned about their legacy for future generations and how this will affect nature and its creatures. They want environmentally friendly and natural building materials.

Veritably sustainable

A roof or a facade made from Roofinox stainless steel cuts an impressive figure according to the ecological construction criteria such as environmental impacts, energy and water consumption during production, and life and maintenance cycle. It is low-polluting, long-lasting and up to 100% recyclable.

Best CO2 footprint on the market for the production of stainless steel
We make sure to use more than 80% recycled stainless steel during the production of Roofinox. This significantly reduces the energy input and CO2 emissions. The chromium for Roofinox stainless steel comes directly from our own local mines, greatly reducing transport distances.

Effect on the environment
Roofinox does not give off any stainless steel particles that could pollute rainwater, drain water or any other kind of water and thus endanger the environment and our drinking water.

At the end of its long life span – Roofinox stainless steel does not have any measurable material erosion and thus lasts almost forever – the material can be separately removed and reused. Reusability is 100%. At the end of the life cycle, scrap dealers also pay a good price for stainless steel – a good investment for your building.

Roofinox. Sustainable like no other.