Part 2 of our 3-part series “Happy Home”:

We know it and you know it: “A home is not only a place, it’s a feeling”. And the feeling that, according to the Danish Happiness Research Institute, contributes most to the emotional connection with our home is the feeling of pride. So investing in it makes more than sense. But there are crucial questions:

  • What does pride mean in relation to your own house or apartment?
  • What can we do to become more proud and therefore happier with our home? How can we best invest?

What makes us proud?

According to the study “The Good Home Report” from 2019, the feeling of pride contributes 44% to whether or how happy we are with our home. This is almost twice as much as the proportion of every other core emotion examined (comfort, identity, safety and control). But what exactly does pride mean in this context?

  1. With regard to your own four walls, pride can be attributed to the general condition of your home. These are e.g. a well-covered roof, insulated windows and a weatherproof facade. In short: It is about the fact that the home does not need any major renovations.
  2. Your own actions contribute significantly to the “pride factor”: Anyone who invests time and energy in their own home is rewarded with pride.
  3. Special items and achievements go hand in hand with increased pride.

The general condition, personal contributions and purchases require a certain amount of effort – be it time, activity, or money. But all of this is worth it: Around 80% of people who are proud of their home are happy with it. And 75% of those who are happy with their home are generally happy in life.


Roofinox Proton Facade HFX Stainless


It is also about personality.

Pride is not detached, it is related to other feelings. It is particularly closely interwoven with the sense of identity. This means that pride in our home also depends on whether we identify with it.

Is your home your home?

Personal items in particular ensure that we identify with our home. Photos of loved ones or souvenirs from holidays allow you to express your own personality and preference. In addition, the combination of furniture, decoration, plants and wall paint or our participation in the planning of our own house construction enables us to create our home. “My home is an extension of my soul,” said one of the study participants. In-depth identifications like this ensure the pride, about where and how people live.

The key to feeling happy

The authors of the study put it in a nutshell: “To be proud of our home is the key to being happy with it”. Therefore, one of the conclusions is: “If we want to be happy with our home, we have to work on our pride.”

What makes us proud?

Do it and make yourself a proud resident. Regardless of whether you do intended work à la DIY or hire someone to do it – it pays into your happiness account. Even the simple act of taking time for changes and improvements has an impact. Small, but still noticeable measures can be:

  • painting walls in colors that reflect personality
  • rearrange furniture thus e.g. creating more space
  • placing photos or souvenirs as memories
  • lovingly decorating and expressing yourself through it

Major changes that allow to invest in pride and happiness can be:

  • renovating the kitchen to your own taste
  • removing a wall for more light and space
  • renovating the roof for better protection
  • removing the oil heater and installing a solar system instead

The more time you invest into your own home, the greater the pride that results. The prouder we are, the more we welcome visitors. The more visitors we receive, the more we identify with our home and the more proud we are.


how does home improvement increase our pride of our home


Conclusion: Investing in your own home is worth it!

Do it the way you are: like no other

Change provides increased added value, if it results in long lasting benefits. Therefore, e.g. with a new roof, pay particular attention to quality. How long does the roof last, according to the manufacturer? How long does it look nice? Are there any reasonable guarantees? What exactly fits the existing house? And are the references appealing?

With HFX stainless from Roofinox you purchase roof systems, gutters, facades and more of real premium quality. The material is perfectly tailored to the craft, which means that your very personal wishes and ideas can be implemented. This in return emphasizes that you are like no other. You maintain all the flexibility and your home can be different: elegant, high quality and sustainable – ideal for expressing your personality. We want you to be proud and happy. Therefore:

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