June 27 – International SME Day

In 2017, the United Nations launched June 27 for the first time as an International SME Day to highlight the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for the further development and growth of economies and their contribution to the well-being of the population convey.

In Austria, more than 99% of domestic companies, i.e. around 338,000 companies, are SMEs. This means that two thirds (67%) of the employees in Austria are employed in SMEs. In total, this is almost 2 million employees. This makes small and medium-sized companies an important basis for our economy.

An economy without small and medium-sized enterprises would be inconceivable and the importance of SMEs is even more evident in the construction industry. Here it is even 99.8% of the companies that fall into the category of SMEs and 84% of the people employed in the industry who work in SMEs. This is borne out by the numbers of Austrian SME research.

Our appreciation!

As an employer, apprentice trainer and innovator, SMEs are decisive, especially for the quality of life in decentralized locations. They are the backbone and heart of the Austrian economy. Many SMEs are characterized by a great sense of responsibility for their employees, so the further development of your employees is extremely important to you. SMEs can also be important initiators and implementers of innovations and further developments. New ideas are often implemented through start-ups of companies. As a result, SMEs also ensure a wide range of services, healthy competition and structural change.

And even in the crisis, SMEs act as stabilizing factors thanks to their long-term orientation, flexible, adaptable structures and regional ties.

With this in mind, we would like to express our appreciation to all architects, structural engineers, roofers, tinsmiths, facade builders, sanitary facilities, bricklayers and all other small and medium-sized companies in the construction industry. You are the basis of our economy. We need you.

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