What do you think of when you think of stainless steel?

On pipes, railings, sinks, lifts?

Handlauf aus Edelstahl

Spülbecken aus Edelstahl

Fahrstuhl aus Edelstahl

Maybe you also think of lunch boxes, water bottles, fireplaces and pots?


Edelstahl Wasserflaschen

Kochtopf aus Edelstahl


This is optically more appealing, but be sure there is something else!

Why stainless steel is much more than practical and functional

Especially those of us who have little or nothing to do with materials management and technology in everyday life, have up to this For a moment, maybe never thought about it so deliberately … but to be very direct: Can you think of something where stainless steel is really beautifully used? An example in which the practical aspect plays a role, but is not the first one that catches the eye?

How about this?

Besteck aus Edelstahl

Yes, that’s stainless steel, too. And this:

Profiküche aus Edelstahl

And this:>

Chicago Bean aus Edelstahl

And this:

H6 in Berlin mit Roofinox Edelstahl Fassade

Stainless steel is full of surprises! Stainless steel is beautiful!

A steel with unimagined potential

Have you already known everything so far? All the better! In this case, you will already be familiar with the following points, right? If you have already been able to enjoy a few aha moments in this article, it will continue here immediately – with special attention to “HFX stainless steel”.Roofinox invented this stainless steel especially for roofs and facades. The sheet is full of nice surprises!

HFX stainless steel is durable

So that you can imagine more directly below, please think of the famous Chrysler Building in New York City, more precisely, the pointed roof of the skyscraper. It was completed in 1930, at that time with the forerunner of the Roofinox HFX stainless steel. This means that the roof, as it is today, has been perched on the 319-meter brick tower for 90 years. This is real durability, because even after nine decades, the stainless steel still looks great!

Chrysler Building Wolkenkratzer Edelstahl Dach

Stainless steel is rustproof

You know that HFX stainless steel can look really good at the latest since you read this article. That stainless steel z. B. used in professional kitchens or for a variety of household items, you may have known for a long time. Such items are in daily use, which requires frequent cleaning. They are scrubbed and sprayed with water – if the material were susceptible to rust, it would have to be replaced frequently. But stainless steel is rustproof – of course also in private kitchens and bathrooms, on facades or on roofs. Stainless is practical and stainless is beautiful!

Stainless steel is sustainable

In fact, this may be the biggest surprise for you. But it’s a pretty clear thing: Roofinox stainless steel is sustainable. To be precise, HFX stainless steel is by far the most resource-conserving sheet! Firstly, because it is so long-lived and resources are less needed for renovations and the like. Secondly, because it is 100% recyclable after use. In addition, at least 85% of the material used comes from recycling – an absolute top value! Someone has to do this first.

Roofinox Nachhaltigkeit

Surprise was a success?

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