Trim and Flashing

Your house has edges and corners – protect them!

Flashing for plinths, parapets and gables with Roofinox stainless steel

No matter which material your building is clad with, certain areas of the roof and facade require flashing as protection. This flashing has an elemental task; it protects your house from water penetration at critical points.

These critical points are located at the transitions from roof to gutter, at the edge of the roof, at window surrounds and doors, and in the plinth area.

This flashing work should be carried out professionally with a correct choice of materials so that it lasts reliably for years. The professional processor employs well-established, traditional crafts during this work to provide a top-class quality.


Roofinox stainless steel is the perfect material for edges, covers, joints and intersections – be they on roofs or gables, doors, windows or plinths.

Choose from a range of surfaces (except tin matt) for this flashing on exposed parts of the building, from light to dark and from ultra-matt to glossy. These surfaces can be perfectly combined with all other building materials such as wood, concrete, plaster, all kinds of panels and other metals.

The properties that are ideal for this purpose naturally speak in favor of Roofinox stainless steel: a very high resistance to corrosion, the natural self-healing effect and the environmentally friendly characteristics of stainless steel – the material does not emit any polluting or unhealthy substances into the water and thus protects the environment and our groundwater reserves.

Customized flashing and sealing with Roofinox stainless steel. Permanently beautiful and maintenance-free – like no other.