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Roofinox FG – Seam sealant

Roofinox FG – Seam sealant

Roofinox FG is a specially developed seam sealant for stainless steel (also Roofinox Classic, Pearl, Plus, Zinn matt, Chroma, Spectra). Roofinox FG can be processed effectively and time-saving and is suitable for use in extreme cold and heat. The seam sealant has a high adhesive power and seals all folded stainless steel roofs reliably. The gel is also suitable for transverse seams.

Technical information:

• Use in well-ventilated areas
• Processing temperature -20°C to < +70°C
• Cut the nozzle Ø 3-5mm / at an angle of 45°
• One cartridge is sufficient for 25-30 m seams
• Close the seam after  48 hours at the latest, keep away water and moisture

Please download here the product sheet Roofinox FG.