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Roofinox ROEL- Cleaning oil

Roofinox ROEL – The cleaning oil for stainless steel and machines

Roofinox ROEL is a special cleaning oil for the stainless steel processor. It is suitable for cleaning machines and tools as well as Roofinox surfaces.

Technical information:

Cleaning of machines and tools: Distribute the ROEL evenly on a textile cloth or paper towel and wipe off the tools, the profiling roller sets or the bending beam. Dirt and metal particles are removed and the residues are visible on the textile cloth or paper towel.
Cleaning of Roofinox Surfaces (except Roofinox tin matte): Distribute ROEL evenly on a textile cloth or paper towel and apply to the surface. Due it is an oil, the cleaned area remains visible for longer. ROEL should be applied over a large area. The oil dissolves after several days.

Please download the product sheet Roofinox ROEL here.