Product overview R.SYS

Roofinox gutter systems 

With Roofinox R.SYS we offer you the complete gutter system made of brushed stainless steel from a single source.With an unlimited life span, superior mold and algae resistance, and virtually no maintenance, the beautiful look of the Roofinox rainware are the perfect addition to the building.
The wide range from Roofinox R.SYS is available in the traditional, round form as well as in the modern box form in the in the alloy 1.4301 and 1.4404.

Product overview

R.SYS gutter system round form:


Leader head

Gutter hook round

Box Miter round



Leader head round

Roof downspout

Elbow 72°

Half-round gutter

Endcap globe

Solder lugs

Rainwater flap with mesh

Rainwater collector with hose connection


Gutter expansion round



Endcap half-round




R.SYS gutter System box form:


Box-shaped gutter expansion


Gutter hook

Box gutter

Box Miter

Square downspout

Pipe clamps square

Endcap box form

Box-shaped funnel

Set screw M10