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Pride of ownership and pleasure in beauty for generations


Lebhafte Edelstahlfassade

The light gently brushes over the noble surface and reveals the fine texture. The flawless stainless steel shimmers uniquely, free of disturbing reflections.
Whether in urban or rural surroundings, the natural beauty of ROOFINOX architectural profiles and shingles blends in perfectly everywhere and forms attractive symbioses with all materials.

Whether with brick, stone, glass and wood, whether with composite panels, plaster and other metals – the combination possibilities of HFX stainless steel are endless. In addition to its incomparable durability, the beauty of ROOFINOX HFX stainless steel is one of the most important reasons for its popularity. That’s why we leave nothing to chance, and create our design surfaces in response to your individual requirements. Find out more here.

Stainless steel design surfaces – like no one else.

Bürstgewalzter HFX Edelstahl

Perlgestrahlter Edelstahl für Dach und Fassade

spiegelnder HFX Edelstahl


Rippgeprägter Edelstahl
(ribbed + brush-rolled)

verzinnter Edelstahl

(tin-coated + brush-rolled)

farbiger Edelstahl

DURA brilliant
(electro-coloured + brush-rolled)

matter und farbiger edelstahl

DURA matte
(electro-coloured + brush-rolled)

elektrogefärbter HFX Edelstahl

PYRA brilliant
(electro-coloured + nead-blasted)

matter Edelstahl in Farbe

PYRA matte
(electro-coloured + nead-blasted)

goldener Edelstahl

(plasma-coloured + brush-rolled)

goldiger edelstahl

(plasmag-coloured + bead-blasted)

goldener spiegel edelstahl

(plasma-coloured + mirror-rolled)

marmorierter Edelstahl

(proton-coloured + brush-rolled)





designboard sample folder



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HFX Stainless Steel

ROOFINOX is the inventor of HFX stainless steel technology. HFX stainless steel is a highly flexible stainless steel with special FX (effects) for use on roofs and facades. HFX Stainless Steel stands for the evolution of stainless steel.

HFX Formel





HFX stainless steel is a 100 % natural material. No paint coating is responsible for its durability. It owes its corrosion and surface resistance to its self-healing mechanism. The passive layer, which is a natural component of HFX stainless steel, always renews itself when damaged. This makes HFX stainless steel rust-free and compatible with all materials. HFX stainless steel can also be used for underground applications. Be sure to choose the right alloy for your application. For example, alloy 1.4404 is recommended for use near the sea or where there is a high salt load (chlorides).

self-healing stainless steel




HFX stainless steel is beautiful. Our unique design variety was developed by designers for architects and designers. We encourage you to set no limits to your creativity, we want to bring your designs to life. Whether natural, reflective, matt, coloured, patinated, vivid or homogeneous – everyone will find their favourite design with us.



bürstgewalzter HFX Edelstahl


gefärbter Edelstahl

spiegelnder HFX Edelstahl


matter HFX Edelstahl in Farbe

patinierender Edelstahl fürs Dach


HFX Edelstahl beständig und unveränderlich

goldiger und spiegelnder


strukturierter HFX Edelstahl



marmorierte Fassaden



HFX stainless steel technology enables the mattest stainless steel surfaces. For roofs and façades, a particularly matt surface is desired to avoid glare. The rough surface of HFX stainless steel diffuses the reflected light, making it ultra-matt.

Edelstahl für Dach und Fassade



To ensure that your building project remains aesthetically pleasing in the long term, all ROOFINOX designs are 100% UV-resistant. This means that HFX stainless steel enables carefree design. ROOFINOX HFX stainless steel does not contain any lacquers or pigments, so nothing can fade, yellow, fade or flake off. Guaranteed!

Roofinox UV-beständig


60 years warranty

You and we have the highest demands on quality, which is also reflected in our products and our service. Therefore, we offer you a comprehensive material guarantee with a clear conscience, which offers you the following advantages:

60 years of safety
60 years of UV stability
60 years of defect-free material
60 years of defect-free surface
60 years protection

warranty for roofs and facades


The reduced use of material and the better protection provided by a material that is 4 times stronger than aluminium make HFX stainless steel the strongest metal. HFX stainless steel is extremely robust, hail-proof, storm-proof and resistant. Roof, gutter and façade made of HFX stainless steel offer the best protection for your building.


Complete system


ROOFINOX offers the only stainless steel complete system as a total solution. Our comprehensive and well thought-out range is coordinated in several respects:

Guarantees a uniform overall appearance, all components appear to be cast from a single mould.

Simple processing is a ROOFINOX trademark and ensures that all components and dimensions fit together.

The optimal interaction of our complete system ensures that your building project will also last for generations.

Our many years of experience and specialisation allow you to implement your project idea (almost) without restriction.

Our range is compatible with all materials and can be easily combined.

Komplettsystem für Dach udn FAssade aus HFX Edelstahl

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Edelstahl für Dach und Fassade

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Rechteckschindeln für Dach und Fassade aus HFX Edelstahl





Your advantages with a façade cladding, roof covering or rain gutter made of HFX stainless steel



nachhaltige Baumaterialien




  • 60 years warranty
  • durable
  • stronger than strong
  • functional
  • > 90 % recycled content
  • Lowest CO2 footprint
  • free from pollutants
  • free from lacquers and pigments
  • diverse surface designs
  • natural or coloured
  • from ultra matt to mirror finish
  • especially for roof and façade



Support in all questions

So that you can concentrate fully on the realisation of your design, our team is at your side with help and advice. The only complete system made of HFX stainless steel for roof and façade is therefore not only convincing due to its quality in terms of material and coordination, but also due to the service that comes with it. We will be happy to advise you in person or via video conference or send you samples and brochures. Roofinox: Service – like no other.