Dura matte (brush-rolled & electro-coloured)

Character: colored, graceful, durable


Anthrazit matt Edelstahl Doppelstehfalzdach

Roofinox Dura brillant schwarz

Dura brilliant black

Roofinox Dura anthrazit matt

Dura matt anthracite

Super matte colors through electrochemical coloring of the HFX stainless steel.
Roofinox Dura matte offers you the advantages known for Roofinox, with even more choice of colors. Roofinox Dura matte is colored using an electrochemical process. The natural self-healing layer, which is firmly connected to the stainless steel and is elastic, is changed in its thickness. No dyes or pigments are applied to the surface, so the unmistakable structure of the Roofinox HFX stainless steel is retained. The different thicknesses of the chromium oxide create an interference color filter that reflects the light spectrum differently depending on the viewing angle. In this way, an extraordinary color effect is achieved with Roofinox Dura.With Dura brilliant, this creates a wonderful, shimmering color effect. With Dura matte, however, homogeneous, expressive colors are created. This gives you optimal freedom of choice when choosing a color for your roof or facade. HFX stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, weatherproof and resistant to aging. The material can be processed, folded and easily soldered by the craftsman. In contrast to other colored building materials for roofs and facades (such as coated aluminum), Roofinox Dura is 100% natural and 100% UV-resistant. Roofinox Dura matte also has the unique textile feel of Roofinox Classic and is available in four different colors.Dura champagne matt
Dura bronze matt
Dura old gold matt
Dura anthracite mattYou get even more design freedom, because Dura matte can be used both in large formats, e.g. with the double standing seam covering, and in small formats in the form of a square clapboard on the roof and facade. You can find out which ready-to-install roof and facade coverings in Dura matte are still available here: Roofinox roof systems and Roofinox facade systems.In addition, there are our electro-colored gutters.


One Design, four colours:

Roofinox Dura Champagner matt

Dura matte champagne

Roofinox Anthrazit matt

Dura matte anthracite

Roofinox spectra alternativ e

Dura matte bronze

Dura Altgold matt elektrogefärbt

Dura matte antique-gold


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Kontaktdaten Roofinox

Technical Facts

  • Colored without color by interference color filter effect
  • Graceful surface in a matt finish
  • Lasting color without fading, fading, Yellowing or chipping


  • No paints or pigments: no aging
  • The incomparable texture of the brush rolling is retained
  • Free design options, from small to large format
  • Natural range of variation of the color tone
  • Color with guaranteed long-term durability
  • Easy to work with: bending, folding, soldering
  • Proven technology for over 45 years