Tin matte (terne coated)

Tin matte (terne coated stainless) weathers to a natural matte patina in an incomparably beautiful gray tone – the beauty of traditional terne metal.

Roofinox tin matte is our state of the art terne coated stainless steel. It can be used for various roofing and flashing applications.

We supply it in three different alloys:

  • alloy 439 for all typical and non-corrosive environments,
    price-value advantage due to zero nickel alloy
  • alloy 304 for all typical and non-corrosive environments,
    the alloy to mimic historic terne metal applications
  • alloy 316L for coastal and more corrosive environments,
    the power alloy to cope with most common environmental challenges

All three alloys are available in coil and sheet, please see the Roofinox Design brochure for available dimensions. Roofinox Tin matte (terne coated stainless) is available through various distributors and continuously in stock in the US and in various dimensions (master coil width: 24.6″ and 39.7″). Standard thickness is .0197″ which equals a 25 gauge thickness but is typically considered a heavy 26 gauge.

Areas of application

Roofinox Tin matte (terne coated) is a popular traditional metal for visually appealing and extremely long-lasting roofs. It is also frequently used to restore historic buildings and heritage sites. The natural surface development makes it a great choice combining beauty and extraordinary durability. The exact same reasons durability and beauty make it a great choice for modern buildings as well!

Tin matte metal (TCS – terne coated stainless) roofs go well with different wall claddings but especially wood as both materials weather to natural gray tones, producing an organic, smooth finish. The weathering process takes about 2 till 3 years and will interact with local weather and environmental conditions.

Background information

Contrary to lead coated copper or historic terne metal Roofinox Tin matte (Terne) is 100% lead free! Additionally it can be soldered easily, roll-formed, hand-cut and hand-seamed. It is also used to rebuild historic or apply modern detailing. In comparison to zinc-tin alloy coatings on copper or stainless steel the surface of Roofinox Tin matte (terne coated) is easier to process as it consists of 100% tin and will provide a more uniform patina. Read more about the history of terne metal on Wikipedia.

Tin matte versus historic and current terne coating

Historic terne metal was commonly manufactured in a manual production sequence. During this hot dip process an alloy of lead and tin is melted. Subsequently the stainless, copper or steel strip is dipped in that melted metal. This results in uneven layer thickness of the terne coating and in irregular and patchy spreading of the terne alloy. TCS or terne coated stainless is no longer manufactured this way, superior production technology offers the same look and feel with improved performance.

Roofinox uses a state of the art production process – electroplating. This galvanic process allows the creation of a uniform and homogenous metal coating across the whole surface of the metal. This tin plating procedure enables us also to apply 100% tin which results in more even weathering and uniform patina. Additionally it makes soldering easier and facilitates roll-forming. This operation is 100% lead free. Additionally it does not use an alloy of zinc and tin – which makes soldering difficult and weathering uneven or may cause discoloration. All in all it is a modern product enabling the restoration of historic and the creation of modern architecture. Roofinox tin matte is the only terne coated stainless that provides a two generation warranty, ask us for more details.

Roofinox tin matte is a great material for roofing and roof panels. Additionally it is commonly used for flashings on slate or tile roofs. Another application is the use for brick and masonry work.

Piece of advice

Roofinox Tin matte is usually used on roofs. A number of builders don’t want a naturally uneven patina on facades and walls, but this is impossible to control. Due to its natural patina we recommend the use of Roofinox Terne for roofing and roof flashings. Wall cladding and wall flashings may incur uneven patina and require thorough information of the architect and building owner prior to execution of the job.

Further Information

Find out more about Roofinox surface designs by clicking here.

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If necessary, our employees are available for advice.
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Technical Facts

  • The patination leads to a gray, natural surface
  • Weathering drives the patination process
  • A tin layer is an excellent addition to the chromium steel
  • More constant prices because nickel-free stainless steel
  • Best solderability due to the tin layer


  • Natural weathering and patination
  • Elegant and natural shades of gray
  • Makes a perfect match with wood facades because both weather naturally
  • Ideal for all roof types, because even patination cannot be guaranteed on facades