Façade Systems

HFX stainless façade cladding

The façade is the face of a house. It makes up a large part of the building envelope and thus a significant proportion of the visible parts of a building. As a result, the façade has to perform a number of tasks. One obvious function of the façade cladding is aesthetics. The choice of façade cladding has an enormous influence on the appearance of a building.
However, the façade also serves as a protective armour for the building fabric. Modern façade systems, such as the curtain-type, rear-ventilated façades made of HFX stainless steel from ROOFINOX, are not only eye-catchers and can be individually designed, but also offer your building the best protection and a number of structural-physical advantages.

So that you can plan without worries, we offer you the complete system for roof, façade, gutters and complete accessories from a single source. The numerous façade systems as well as the variety of different surface designs offer you as a building owner or architect or planner the greatest possible design freedom. Furthermore, HFX stainless steel can be optimally combined with all other building materials.

HFX façade systems at a glance

double folding seam out of stainless steel

 Standing seam systems


Shingles (small format)

facadeshingles out of hfx stainless steel


large rectangular shingles

Shingles (large format)


Facade panels

facade panels out of stainless steel


architectural profiles

Architectural profiles


Detail solutions and accessories

  • Skirting boards
  • Door and window surrounds
  • Corners (outside corners, inside corners)
  • Skirting boards and ledge profiles
  • Parapet covers
  • Plug-in profiles

Facade Details


Façade systems in detail

Doppelstehfalz Fassaden aus HFX Edelstahl
The classic among metal façades.

Quadratschindel Tratan aus HFX Edelstahl (Groß)TARTAN STYLE 33, 43, 53  (square shingle) 
The minimalist cladding for façades.

Quadratschindel mit abgeflachter Ecke aus Edelstahl
TARTAN TYPIC 33, 41, 51 (square shingle) 
The metal façade with traditional charm.

Spitzraute aus Edelstahl
MANSARD 53 (diamond shingle)
The elegant roof shingle.


Rhombusschindel aus Edelstahl
METRO 27 (rhomboid shingle)
The modern roof rhombus.

großflächige Fassadenverkleidungen aus HFX Edelstahl
GRID 35 (rectangular shingle) 
The large roof shingle.

Grid Rechteckschindel im Großformat aus HFX Edelstahl
GRID 56 (rectangular shingle) 
The large roof shingle.

Einzelpanel Designschindel aus Edelstahl
AXIS 120 (design shingle)
The large-format design shingle for roofs.


dachplatte aus Edelstahl
MATADOR 88 (roof panel) 
The strongest roof panel in the world.

Zagros Mäanderprofil aus HFX Edelstahl
ZAGRAS 30 (meander profle)
The exceptionally appealing architectural profile. – filigree

Mäanderprofile für Architekturprojekte
ATLAS 62 (meander profile)
The exceptionally appealing architectural profile. – rough

Spitzprofil für Fassaden
URAL 16 (pointed profile)
The façade profile with pleated effect.
– filigree


Spitzprofil für die Fassade

ALTAI 60 (pointed profile)
The façade profile with pleated effect.
– extravagant

Edelstahl Trapezprofil Dolomit

DOLOMIT 25 (trapezoid profile)
The trapezoidal profile made for sophisticated architecture. – filigree

Trapezprofile für Fassaden aus HFX Edelstahl

JURA 40 (trapezoid profile)
The trapezoidal profile made for sophisticated architecture. – rough




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elektrogefärbte Fassade Dura aus HFX Edelstahl am HELP Blaulichtzentrum in Ischgl

Roofinox Proton der lebendige Edelstahl

H6 Berlin Chroma Fassade

Design surfaces made of HFX stainless steel

To enable you to realise your individual and customised metal façade, we offer you the best advice in all planning steps. From the idea to the completion of your building project.
We will be happy to advise you on various wall structures, the design of your metal façade in terms of shape and colour, as well as detailed solutions, window surrounds and corner solutions.
In order to realise your visions and wishes, we offer you the largest possible selection and combination possibilities of different textures, surface designs, installation types, products and detail solutions. Let the unique properties of our HFX stainless steel convince you and be inspired by our variety of design possibilities. You can get an overview of our designs in our sample folders Designboard Volume 1 and Designboard Volume 2. Roofinox: Variety – Like no other.

matte und spiegelnde Oberflächen

matte or mirroring

surfaces for roofs and facades

consistent or patinating

different surfaces for roofs and facades

homogeneous or marbled

natural or silver or colourful stainless steel

natural silver or colourful

smooth or rough surfaces

smooth or rough

brilliant or matte surfaces

brilliant or matte



designboard sample folder



HFX stainless steel from Roofinox

All Roofinox products are made of the specially developed HFX stainless steel.
HFX stainless steel is a highly flexible stainless steel with special FX (effects) for use on roofs and facades.
HFX stainless steel stands for the evolution of stainless steel.
It combines the best properties of stainless steel and adds further advantageous properties for use on roofs and façades.

DAs besondere an HFX Edelstahl

Edelstahl Fassaden

Fassadenrauten aus HFX Edelstahl

Edelstahl Fassade Doppelstehfalz

Your benefits from façade cladding with HFX stainless steel



nachhaltige Baumaterialien




  • 60 years warranty
  • durable
  • stronger than strong
  • functional
  • > 90 % recycled content
  • Lowest CO2 footprint
  • free from pollutants
  • free from lacquers and pigments
  • diverse surface designs
  • natural or coloured
  • from ultra matt to mirror finish
  • especially for roof and façade


Further topics

stainless steel Designsurfaces

stainless steel gutters

detailes solutions for corners and edges

Support in all questions

So that you can concentrate fully on the realisation of your design, our team is at your side with help and advice. The only complete system made of HFX stainless steel for roof and façade is therefore not only convincing due to its quality in terms of material and coordination, but also due to the service that comes with it. We will be happy to advise you in person or via video conference or send you samples and brochures. Roofinox: Service – like no other.