Home building

It is human nature to build a home. We all want a safe and beautiful place to live for ourselves and our loved ones. A home to protect us against wind and rain that represents our way of life and is also an investment for the future.


What does living well mean?

We all have our own special preferences in life. For some, a house is an investment, and a lot of people in Europe believe it is important to have something of their own, making them independent of others. For design and architecture lovers, the looks and one’s own style are important, and nature lovers want to protect the environment when building or renovating a house.

Why is Roofinox stainless steel for roof and facade like no other?

Because the material Roofinox is made of satisfies every need.


There is hardly any other material for roofs and facades that is as durable, robust and at the same time easy to care for as Roofinox stainless steel. It envelopes your home and gives you lasting security and serenity.

Aesthetics and design

Roofinox stainless steel profiles and shingles grant you unlimited design freedom and a vivid sense of individuality. Almost any shape or surface structure is possible, as well as any conceivable perforation or embossing.


Roofinox stainless steel will also last for two lifetimes. Rust-free, robust and practically maintenance-free, the material does not suffer from any kind of aging. Not even optically – your building will still look its best for years to come.



Environmental protection and sustainability

A roof or a facade made of Roofinox stainless steel cuts an impressive figure according to the ecological construction criteria such as environmental impacts, energy and water consumption during production, and life and maintenance cycle.

It is low-polluting, long-lasting and up to 100% recyclable. Additionally, there is no measurable material erosion, meaning that nothing enters the groundwater. You can hardly build any cleaner!