Roof renovations

For ever and ever – the sheet roof made of Roofinox stainless steel

The strongest roof, and one that you can rely on. Like no other.
Go ahead and expect the most from the life span and corrosion resistance of your roof. Roofinox stainless steel is unrivaled when it comes to these criteria.

The best proof of this strength comes from the demands set by the European Alps, where the hardest weather and climate conditions prevail. A Roofinox stainless steel roof can safely withstand these conditions for decades.

The safest roof to sleep soundly beneath. Like no other.
A Roofinox roof gives you a sense of security and peace for decades. No need to expect any nasty surprises when it comes to repairs, maintenance, corrosion, storm damage or cleaning. Things don’t get much more relaxing than this.



The stunning roof that is the envy of everyone. Like no other.

Roofinox stainless steel roofs can be perfectly combined with every look – the natural and classic surface blends in perfectly with almost any building material: bricks and plaster, wood, stone, fiber cement, composite panels and all other metals.

You only need to renovate your roof once with Roofinox. Like no other.

Roofs have of course always been exposed to extreme weather conditions. But our weather is becoming even more extreme as a result of climate change: heavy rain, hail,  increased snowfall in large quantities, cyclones and also long hot spells place an extra strain on a house roof. If a new roof covering has become unavoidable, it is best if the renovation lasts forever. With Roofinox stainless steel, the renovation will last not just for you, but for future generations too.

A complete Roofinox roof system with matching gutter. Like no other.
You will also find everything you need for high-quality and environmentally-friendly stainless steel drainage at Roofinox

There are also matching flashings for bases, corners and sealings for Roofinox roofs



The most environmentally friendly roof, for a clear conscience. Like no other.

Home is the most important place on earth, which is why we choose building materials that do us and our environment good. Roofinox is already produced from more than 85% recycled material. The main alloying element come from the company’s own mine, thus keeping transport distances short. During its lifetime, it has no effect on the environment, and when the day comes in the far distant future when it is no longer needed, it can be 100% recycled. Do good, feel good!
More about the sustainability of Roofinox.


The stainless steel that has been specially developed for roofs and façades. Like no other.

Compared to conventional stainless steel, Roofinox has been specially designed for use on roofs and facades – that eliminates the problems usually associated with this very robust material. Roofinox stainless steel is softer, making it easier to process. And it is much easier to solder than conventional stainless steel. This also makes processing Roofinox cheaper than conventional stainless steel.
The material is also flexible: connections to zinc, copper or other materials pose no problems for Roofinox stainless steel.

Roofinox stainless steel roofs for ever and ever – like no other.