Tin-plated stainless (terne) for historical buildings

Why should you use ROOFINOX Tin matte – (terne coated stainless) for historical buildings?

When it comes to the restoration of historical buildings it is a givin to use authentical and original materials.
But the original terne, which was used for the roofs of a lot of historical buildings in America isn’t available anymore.
The original terne was a form of tinplate: a thin steel sheet coated with an alloy of lead and tin. The terne alloy was in the ratio of 10-20% tin and the remainder lead.

Our ROOFINOX Tin matte – is a special tin-plated stainless. Due to that it is the closest thing to Terne coated stainless, that you can get.

In the following it is explained, why you should use ROOFINOX Tin matte -(terne coated stainless) for historical buildings.

Roofinox Terne coated roof historical

ROOFINOX TIN matte is the best way to obtain historical buildings in the most authentical way.

Tin matte (Terne) is a popular traditional metal for visually appealing and extremely long-lasting roofs. The natural surface development makes it a great choice combining beauty and extraordinary durability.

This makes it perfect to restore historic buildings and heritage sites as well as giving an extraordanary roof to modern buildings.

Contrary to lead coated copper or historic terne metal Roofinox Tin matte (Terne) is 100% lead free! Additionally it can be soldered easily, roll-formed, hand-cut and hand-seamed, and is used to rebuild historic or apply modern detailing. In comparison to zinc-tin alloy coatings on copper or stainless steel the surface of Roofinox Tin matte is easier to process as it consists of 100% tin and will provide a more uniform patina.

Roofinox terne coated tartan roof

Further information

Roofinox is the only manufacturer of the ROOFINOX Tin matte – terne coated HFX stainless. For more inforamtions about ROOFINOX Tin matte – terne coated visit our Tin matte design surface page, download our datasheet or contact us right away.