Architectural surfaces made of HFX stainless

We see them and they affect us.
We feel them and they trigger something.
We design them and they stay in our memory.
Surfaces made of HFX stainless steel. More versatile than any other.

More than a shiny industrial product

Stainless steel is undergoing an increasing transformation: away from “just functional railings, elevators and kitchen countertops” to true aesthetics. The number of architects, designers, builders and fabricators who see stainless steel as a versatile and rewarding design material is growing – especially as a surface material for roofs and facades.


Stainless steel is one of the most universal materials of our time.

Stainless steel is more than practical, durable, strong and rustproof. It is sustainable, easy to work with, and multi-faceted aesthetically. Today, stainless steel is far more than a gleam of industry. It has managed to be one of the most universal metals of our time.

Stainless steel surfaces and their properties

The majority of all stainless steel goods are still manufactured using the cold rolling process: Depending on the setting, the stainless steel becomes strongly or less strongly shiny in the process. Known are e.g. classic 2B surfaces, 2D surfaces and 2R surfaces. In the final result, 2R has more gloss than 2D, 2B is comparatively shiny and reflective.

In relation to the Roofinox range, Chroma has the highest gloss level. Classic has a very matte surface and is significantly duller than the industrial grade 2B. The matt electrocolored surfaces Dura matt and Pyra matt are even more matt than Classic.




stainless steel surfaces from mirroring to matte



The design of stainless steel is diverse and therefore perfect for architectural surfaces. The fact that the material is corrosion-resistant, high-strength and very solid rounds off the profile. HFX stainless steel is also particularly easy to solder, specially adapted to demanding crafts and 100% UV-resistant – for beauty that lasts.




Aesthetics through looks: stainless steel design options.

Stainless steel surfaces are available in smooth or rough. In mirror or matt. In gray-metallic or colored. Patinated or non-patinated. Homogeneous or inhomogeneous. Embossed or non-embossed. This creates aesthetics.

But what does it look like exactly? And what is its effect?

Smooth vs. rough stainless steel and reflective vs. matte stainless steel

The smoother the stainless steel, the more lustrous it is. The reverse is true: the rougher the stainless steel, the duller it is. The reason for this is light reflection: smooth surfaces reflect incident light specularly, i.e. bundled in one direction. Matte surfaces reflect diffusely, i.e. scattered in several directions. The property is measured using a reflectometer – the higher the measured gloss units, the shinier the stainless steel. Roofinox Chroma, for example, achieves > 90 % gloss, while Roofinox Pearl is ultra-matt.

stainless steel surfaces


spekulare reflexion

diffuse light reflexion


Gray metallic vs. colored stainless steel



Edelstahl Oberflächen vielfalt


tainless steel is no longer just gray. Stainless steel is colorful – at your discretion, of course. In addition to the all-rounder Roofinox Classic in the familiar shade of gray, Roofinox also offers electro-colored surfaces with Dura and Proton. The coloring is achieved without lacquers or dyes: Depending on the exposure time in the acid bath and the resulting thickness of the chromium oxide passive layer, the stainless steel appears in different colors from bronze to gold to red, blue and green. The interference effect also provides a different shimmer depending on the viewing angle. Alternatively, the plasma coloration of stainless steel in gold is achieved by bombarding it with ions and transferring it to the gas phase.


Patinating vs. non-patinating stainless steel

Patinating HFX stainless steel from Roofinox undergoes a natural change that originates in natural weathering. The metal with applied tin layer reacts with moisture. Usually, the patination of about 3 years is uniform over time. At the end of the patination process at the latest, even the living tin matte stainless steel appears in a homogeneous tone – for this professional processing during installation is required.

patinierender edelstahl

patinating surface

not patinating surface

Homogeneous vs. inhomogeneous stainless steel

Stainless steel is a natural material whose surface – similar to wood and regardless of whether it is patinated or not – always looks a little different. The Classic, Pearl, Chroma, Plasma and Dura surfaces are indeed very uniform in their color and also in their structure. But there are also irregular designs, such as Roofinox Proton: The surface appearance is mottled, which makes it look particularly lively. Unlike Pewter Matt, the inhomogeneity of Proton is permanent. This means that even after a longer period of time, there is no uniform, homogeneous image.

Roofinox Anthrazit matt

homogeneous surfaces

Der lebendige edelstahl

Embossed vs. non-embossed stainless steel

Rib embossing is another optional feature of HFX stainless steel. Advantages of the associated reduced waviness are: Stability increase, special insensitivity, maximum resistance, best solderability and 20% price saving due to material savings. Roofinox Plus matt combines all this with other unique characteristics and thus again appears different from other stainless steel surfaces.

geprägter Edelstahl

embossed surfaces

perlgestrahlter edelstahl

not embossed surfaces

Seamed, shingled, dynamic, pointed – Seaming techniques, shingles and profiles

In addition to gloss level, embossing, patination and the like, stainless steel surfaces on roofs and facades also have an effect due to the way they are laid and the seaming technique. Small-format shingles have a different effect than large-format and, for example, square profiles. Uniform, scale-like tartan coverings embody something different than dynamic metro surface structures. Filigree-textured mansard designs evoke different associations than wave-like Axis installations. What appeals to you and why?


Rhombusschindeln aus HFX Edelstahl

kleinschuppige Fassadenverkleidung

Designschindel für Dach und Fassade


Roofinox HFX stainless steel is beautiful and works in any design and profile. The combination with its functional advantages makes it incomparable. It is like no other – see for yourself:

facts about HFX stainless




And how does that feel?

Why don’t you consciously touch the surfaces around you again? Close your eyes and notice how your surroundings feel.

Edelstahl für Dach und Fassade


What is it made of? What is its structure? What feelings does it arouse? What do you have to think about when you take a closer look at the facades in your surroundings? And does it fit in with the utilization concept and design idea of your project?

Surfaces are always present and yet rarely the center of attention. They don’t have to be. But they have an effect, whether we want to admit it or realize it as such or not. They create an atmosphere and it is in this atmosphere that we move. Architects, designers, fabricators and builders can influence this, for example, through the conscious selection of their project materials.



“There is no architecture without a surface and
no architectural surface without architecture.”

– Marion Wohlleben

Surfaces want, can and do – with HFX stainless steel from Roofinox.

Especially surfaces made of HFX stainless steel have potential and make a difference. They are durable, they are lively and they can be designed flexibly. With it, effective accents can be set, timeless as well as modern buildings can be realized and own ideas can be realized. You can do with it – design, architecture, art. With expressiveness, character and durability.

HFX stainless steel from Roofinox embeds itself in its environment as if by itself. HFX stainless steel is sustainable and environmentally friendly. HFX stainless steel will surprise you in a completely positive way. Like no one else.

So, how does it feel?

designboard sample folder

Define your architectural surface in HFX stainless steel.

From super matt to mirror finish and everything in between. Our surfaces for your ideas – we support you in your selection!

Project Environment

Is it a residential area, an airport site or an exposed property with no direct neighborhood? Depending on that, a special reflectance or mattness may be essential.

Weather and climate

Does the stainless steel surface need to withstand extreme conditions or other meteorological requirements, such as particularly corrosive atmospheres (sea/ground/urban)?

Pattern and feel

What is the goal of the project? What effect should it have? Accordingly, does the surface need a particular design pattern or feel?

Technical criteria

Is there a need for maximum optimized solderability, or are there other processing criteria that the stainless steel must meet for the architectural surface?

If required, our staff is available for a personal or online consultation.
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