Production of Roofinox

How is Roofinox stainless steel produced?

Stainless steel is not to be imagined as not existing in our modern life any more and finds use in almost all areas of life. For this reason a lot of research has been done to improve the physical and chemical qualities of stainless steel.

The one stainless steel does not exist

In the blast furnace iron ore is processed to raw iron, at this stage it is very hard, but is still friable. Carbon and some accompanying materials are eliminated by various procedures. Stainless steel is produced by adding chrome and other alloy metals to the steel glazes.

The chrome salary lends his corrosion resistance to stainless steel. Thus a natural and continuous chrome oxide layer originates in the surface. This oxide forms a passive layer in the surface of stainless steel which protects this not only permanently against all corrosion types. The layer is still regenerative, that means, the layer cures herself in case of need, as soon as the layer comes into contact with water or air.




The alloy metals as well as their composition and proportions vary according to the application for which the stainless steel is produced (architecture, medicine, household, industry, shipping …). These alloying metals include chromium, molybdenum, nickel, or titan.

In the production of strips and plates there is the hot rolling and the cold rolling process. Roofinox stainless steel is finally cold-rolled, which allows us to produce specially designed surfaces. Different functional and optical qualities are created, which make up the variety of the Roofinox product range.

Roofinox variety – Like no other.