HFX stainless steel is a highly flexible stainless steel with Special FX (Effects), which was developed by Roofinox especially for use on roofs and facades. HFX stainless steel thus stands for the evolution of stainless steel.

➡️ But what does that mean exactly?

HFX stainless steel is the combination of:

Highly flexible stainless steel with proven properties of stainless steel:

  • Durable
  • Rust-free
  • High-strength

Expanded with HFX stainless steel special effects (FX):

  • 4-fold matt
  • up to 35% softer
  • 100% UV-resistant
  • easy to solder
  • 60-year guarantee
This and other Special FX make HFX stainless steel a better material for roofs, facades and gutters Functionality through coordination with the craft

The added value of HFX stainless steel can be summarized as follows:

  • Safety through longevity for generations
  • Beauty through diverse surface designs
  • Strength through the strength of the material
  • improved functionality by tuning to the craft

As a material for roofs and facades, HFX stainless steel from Roofinox is nothing less than the evolution of the building envelope. It was specially developed for use on the roof and facade. Unbeatable in longevity and practically maintenance-free, it protects the environment – and you live carefree for decades.

Roofinox HFX stainless steel also meets the highest aesthetic standards and retains its beautiful appearance for generations. Without yellowing or compensating even under the most adverse conditions and we guarantee that for at least 60 years.

In the European Alpine region, where the weather conditions are particularly challenging, stainless steel is the preferred material for roofs. The decisive factor is that HFX stainless steel can best withstand the conditions. It is not for nothing that stainless steel is the most used material for roofs, facades, gutters and sheet metal in the Alpine region.

You can find more details about HFX stainless steel and the manufacturing process here.
The special page on HFX stainless steel also provides information about advantages and special features: www.hfx-stainless.com

In addition, we have put together an overview of the design diversity of Roofinox HFX stainless steel – from deep matt to mirror finish and from colored to silver metallic.

Our references give an idea of ​​what is possible with Roofinox products – you can find them here.

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