A look behind the scenes at the Roofinox Proton Shooting

We can currently use the time quite well to create samples and documents for our latest surface design. Roofinox Proton is a really extraordinary surface design. It is a natural surface with infinite variation. Each board is unique – to make this clear, we have produced and photographed around 80 boards.

Roofinox Oberflächen Shooting


The result is used for a special design board and technical documents. The variety and beauty, but also the liveliness and diversity come into their own particularly well. Proton underlines our motto “like no other.” Very well, because no board is like another.


In architecture, HFX stainless steel is used for special designs – unusual design and durability are common motifs. Sustainability and functional aspects also speak for the use of HFX stainless steel.

If you are looking for naturalness and durability, Proton is the right choice for you. Neither paint nor pigment are applied for this surface design. Rather, the self-healing effect of HFX stainless steel is used to create a permanent and UV-resistant surface.


Roofinox Material Fotografie


We remain somewhat vague to maintain the tension for our new brochures and samples. But the pictures from the studio of photographer Lukas Hämmerle may already give a little idea.

Get through the next few weeks well and stay healthy!

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