Interior fittings

Interior fittings with Roofinox – a design statement

Roofinox stainless steel is highly versatile. There are almost no limits to the way it can be used for interior fittings. Amongst other things, Roofinox can be used as wall and ceiling cladding, or to build counters and coat racks. It goes without saying that the material is also ideal for all kinds of covers and claddings – there’s hardly a more beautiful or functional way to cover or enclose objects or equipment.

The different surfaces from very matt to very shiny are also predestined for use as decorative elements and to highlight certain shapes and areas.

Roofinox stainless steel can be combined with other building materials in endless ways, from both an aesthetic and technical point of view. Whether wood, glass, concrete, aluminum, textiles, stone or other metals, Roofinox enters into a harmonious relationship with them all.

What’s more, Roofinox stainless steel looks natural, is eco-friendly and is easy to clean, all of which favor its use indoors. Different temperatures, rust and acid pose no problem for Roofinox stainless steel either. Want to find out more? Contact us now if you have any questions!

Interior fittings with Roofinox. Highlights like no other.