Product overview R.SYS

Roofinox gutter systems 

With Roofinox R.SYS we offer a comprehensive gutter system made of brush-rolled HFX stainless steel from a single source. With an unlimited life span, superior mold and algae resistance, and little maintenance, the beautiful look of the Roofinox rainware are the perfect addition to a building.
The wide range from Roofinox R.SYS is available in the traditional half-round shape as well as in the modern box gutter design in the alloy 304 and 316L.

Gutters and downsputs are available as seamless gutters with on-site roll-forming if required.

Product overview

R.SYS gutter system round form:


Leader head

Gutter bracket half-round

Box miter half-round



Leader head half-round

Round downspout

Elbow 72°

Half-round gutter

Endcap spherical

Outlet tube

Rainwater diverter with leaf trap

Rainwater collector kid with hose connection


Gutter expansion joint half-round



Endcap half-round




R.SYS gutter System box form:


Gutter expansion joint box-shaped

Gutter bracket square

Box gutter

Box Miter square

Square downspout

Pipe bracket square

Endcap box gutter

Box-shaped leader head funnel

Threaded pin M10 for pipe bracket