Roofinox Acustic -The silencer

Roofinox Acustic is the perfect noise insulation for your home

Intelligent buildings take all factors into account: Noise protection is an important point for living comfort and coziness, as some people are bothered by the noise of pouring rain on the roof and facade. Traffic noise should ideally remain outside as well. This is why we have developed the Roofinox Acustic soundproofing film – your noise insulation for a peaceful home.
Test results are especially impressive in the mid-frequency range where the human ear is particularly sensitive, with Roofinox Acustic achieving noise reduction of minus 15 decibels.

Roofinox Acustic is the perfect noise dampener for metal sheet roofs, facade elements, dormers, metal window sills and covers.

Roofinox Acustic is also suitable for aluminum and copper as well as stainless steel from other suppliers.


Roofinox Acustic – scientifically checked and tested!

  • Physical tests were performed by the accredited
    testing and inspection authority gbd Lab, Dornbirn
  • in accordance with the standard EN ISO 10140-3  Acoustics –
    Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements

Test set-up:

  • Each metal sheet was firmly fixed
    around the edges in a horizontal position
  • A footfall sound transmitter was activated from above
  • The noise transmitted downwards was measured
    below this

The test results are clear:

  •  Frequency attenuation of up to –15 dB
  •  Standard footfall sound index reduced by up to –7 dB
  •  Human ear sensitive in mid-frequency range => very good values here
  •  Standard footfall sound index acc. to EN ISO 10140-3 reduced
    1. with 250mm width => by –6 dB;
    2. with 330mm width => by –7 dB
  •  Prevents fluttering noises
  •  Improves surface stability
  • Improves surface stability and thus reduces the ripple