Roofinox PE – Pigment remover

Roofinox PE – The pigment remover

Roofinox PE is a specially developed remover for the Roofinox Spectra pigmentation. Roofinox PE enables the chemical removal of the pigmentation layer so that Roofinox can be soldered as usual.
Roofinox PE can be processed effectively and in a time-saving manner, allowing it to be used in the workshop and on the construction site. The fast and gel-like pigment remover is sprayed on, acts on and is then removed with aluminium or plastic spatula together with the pigment layer. This exposes the blank Roofinox stainless steel, which can be processed and soldered as usual.

Technical information:

Bring spray can to room temperature, processing temperature: 5° to 30° C, shake well before use, tape off areas not to be pickled with masking tape (see processing instructions) (Attention: Protect adjacent areas and components from spray mist and gel! Apply generously and allow to work in (> 5 – 10 min), remove with a suitable tool (aluminium/plastic spatula), rub dry with a clean cloth and remove pigment residues, the content of one can is sufficient for approx. 0.8m² or approx. 20m soldering seam.

Please download here our product sheet for Roofinox PE