Roofinox SR – Special cleaner


Roofinox SR – The special cleaner for foreign rust

Roofinox SR is a special cleaner for removing foreign rust on stainless steel as well as the strongest impurities, damaged and corroded surfaces. After application you get a surface that is free of foreign rust. The prerequisite is that all foreign particles have also been removed

Technical Information:

Spread the special cleaner evenly on a sponge and apply to the dirty surface. Clean the rusty area
until there is no more rust. Remove persistent foreign particles mechanically (e.g. with a knife).
Then remove the last residues again with Roofinox SR. Wipe the remaining Roofinox SR several times with a wet cloth until the agent is completely removed.
Roofinox SR has a slightly pickling effect and can visually change the surface after a long exposure time. This means that there is only limited uniformity.

Therefore carry out cleaning section by section (max. 1 forearm length).
IMPORTANT: Do not use rough/abrasive sponges.

Please download the product sheet Roofinox SR here.