Ionic (bead-blasted & plasma-colored)

Character: golden, homogeneous, noble


Roofinox Ionic Gold is brand new and was produced using the plasma coloring process.
A target layer is formed by ion bombardment of titanium and nitrogen and subsequent transfer into the gas phase under vacuum. This creates a very hard and resistant surface. The coloring of the entire surface is more even than with electro-coloring. The plasma surface refinement is also food-safe, UV-resistant, corrosion-resistant and color-fast.

Roofinox UV-beständig

The plasma color coating is done on one side. After plasma coloring, the metal sheets can be lasered, edged, bent and 3D deformed without the coating breaking or tearing.

The unique surface structure of the pearl radiation is retained. Alternatively, we have two other plasma-colored designs on offer: Plasma (brush-rolled & plasma-colored) and Optron (mirror-rolled & plasma-colored)

goldig eleganter edelstahl

edelstahl oberflächenvielfalt

Discover even more designs

plasmagefärbte Oberflächen

(Plasma | Optron | Ionic)

Soldered connections are also possible, but the plasma color must be removed, as with Dura – this step is done mechanically; the plasma color cannot be restored.

Many years of experience and various test methods prove the color and UV resistance (DIN EN ISO 4892-2: 2013) and corrosion resistance (DIN EN ISO 9227 NSS). The food safety has also been tested and confirmed.


Maximum board length: 6000 mm

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Kontaktdaten Roofinox

Technical Facts

  • Color without color (using plasma coloring process)
  • Proven for decades
  • Easy to care for and maintenance-free
  • Easy to process


  • free of paints and organic compounds
  • radiant gold tone
  • Pearl radiation is retained
  • Surface does not change, no aging
  • No fading, fading, yellowing, chipping
  • Rust-free and non-patinating
  • Uniform, homogeneous gold coloring, regardless of the viewing angle
  • Shining gold for generations
  • The distinctive structure of the HFX stainless steel is retained