Proton (proton-colored)

Character: marbled, persistent, unexpected

Roofinox Proton der lebendige Edelstahl

Roofinox Proton einzigartige Edelstahl Fassaden


Roofinox Proton is created in a unique process in which the electrical dyeing is modified in a controlled manner. The resulting surfaces are reminiscent of “black” steel, burnished brass, oxidized copper or rusted iron. The main advantage of this process is that the natural oxidation process does not continue.

Roofinox PROTON is the lively, metallic HFX stainless steel for extraordinary designs and impressive effects.

HFX stainless steel is versatile and durable – this is what the 2-generation guarantee stands for!

The Proton design impresses on the one hand with its lively and natural surface, which is permanent, i.e. does not change, and on the other hand with its versatility.

Compared to other colored building materials, such as coated aluminum, Roofinox Proton is 100% natural and 100% UV resistant. This is due to the fact that the color, as with Roofinox Dura, is generated by changing the thickness of the interference layer. No pigments or lacquers are applied. There is therefore no risk of fading, yellowing or flaking.

In order to guarantee you the greatest possible freedom with regard to the design of your construction project, Roofinox Proton is available in 4 different decors and 5 different colors, which can be combined almost freely.


The four decors:

Roofinox Proton lebendiger edelstahl

Decor: Erosion

Roofinox Proton lebendiger edelstahl

Decor: Cristall

Roofinox Proton lebendiger edelstahl

Decor: Organik

Roofinox Proton lebendiger edelstahl

Decor: Fluid


The five coloures:

Cobaltblauer Edelstahl

Color: Cobaltoxide

Zinkfarbiger Edelstahl für die Fassade

Color:  Zincoxide

Messingfarbiger HFX Edelstahl

Color: Brassoxide

Roofinox Proton lebendiger edelstahl

Color: Bronzeoxide

Stahlfarbiger HFX Edelstahl für die Fassade

Color: Steeloxide


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Kontaktdaten Roofinox

Technical Facts

  • Color without colour (using plasma coloring process)
  • highly flexible and malleable
  • Self-cleaning and UV-resistant
  • Easy to care for and maintenance-free
  • Indoor and outdoor use


  • Four decors, five colors can be combined as required
  • Natural fluctuations in the metal surface without changing any further
  • No paint, no pigments, no problems
  • No fading, yellowing, fading, chipping
  • No darkening, no rust, no reflection, no shine
  • Uneven surface, as with all natural materials (wood, stone, etc.)
  • Harmonizes with all materials (glass, stone, wood, concrete, metal)
  • Dynamic and lively