Pearl (bead-blasted)

Character: ultra-matt, velvety, elegant

Ultra matt with a soft-looking surface.
With a facade made of Roofinox Pearl, the property nestles into its surroundings.

Roofinox Pearl is the surface with a look like silk. This is due to a surface structure that is not formed from fine lines, as with Classic, but from tiny dots.

The particularly noble surface quality of Roofinox Pearl is achieved through pearl blasting with specially developed blasting material.

Making such a refined surface structure usable for roof and facade is only possible with a high level of technical effort.

The result can be seen – and felt.

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Kontaktdaten Roofinox

Technical Facts

  • Higher corrosion resistance due to special production process*
  • Five times more matte*
  • Best solderability due to special surface structure
  • * Compared to standard 2B/2D stainless steel


  • Silky, non-directional surface structure
  • Bead-blasted with specially developed blasting material
  • Ultra-matt appearance
  • Incredibly unique feel
  • Very easy to clean