Plus matte (ribbed)

Character: textured, concise, robust

The character of stainless steel with a robust and insensitive nature.

Roofinox Plus matt is a rib-embossed surface with positive / negative embossing. This decorative rib embossing is clearly visible from close up, but from a distance it is precisely this relief-like structure that is responsible for the particularly smooth effect of the roof. The embossing ensures that the material is very rigid. The result is greatly reduced visibility of waves or bumps.

And although storms and thunderstorms do not stand a chance against any Roofinox surface, Roofinox Plus is even more resistant to visible hail. Another positive feature of Roofinox Plus is that you can work with even thinner sheets.

This results in a price advantage and makes stainless steel cheaper without having to forego its great properties and advantages. Thin sheet metal also has excellent static properties.

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Technical Facts

  • Ribbed surface through positive / negative embossing
  • Better surface stability
  • Potential cost savings of 20%
  • Visible light refraction for a smooth appearance
  • Even more resistant to hailstones
  • Best solderability despite ribbed embossing


  • Visibly stunning character close up
  • Particularly smooth look from a distance
  • High material strength, dents less visible
  • Excellent structural properties
  • More cost-effective in use thanks to thinner material