Tonic matte (brush-rolled & tonic-coloured)

Character: colored, extra long, lively

bronzefarbener und schwarzer edelstahl für dach und fassade

It should be noted that the irregularities in the individual panels applied to the roof or facade have a completely different effect from a distance and are less noticeable.


Roofinox Tonic, the ideal choice for those who need color a little longer.

Roofinox Tonic is our tonic-colored HFX stainless steel.
The tonic dyeing process is similar to electric dyeing. The color is also created by changing the thickness of the chrome oxide layer. The advantage compared to electric dyeing is that panel lengths of up to 12m are possible. (The electro-colored surfaces Roofinox Dura and Pyra are only available as panels up to a maximum of 6.4m).

Longer also refers to the color itself. In contrast to other colored building materials, such as coated aluminum, neither lacquer nor pigments are applied during the tonic coloring process. The color is part of the HFX stainless steel and is therefore 100% natural and 100% UV-resistant. There is no fading, yellowing, fading or flaking. With Roofinox Tonic you can enjoy your facade or your roof in bronze matt or anthracite matt over the long term.

What is special about Roofinox Tonic is that it shows a natural inhomogeneity, as is common with other natural building materials (stone, wood, etc.). Compared to the electro-colored surfaces Dura matte and Pyra matte as well as the plasma-colored surfaces (Plasma, Ionic, Optron), which are very homogeneous, Tonic has natural irregularities and color fluctuations. Stripe patterns or spots can appear within a board. These are part of the unique Roofinox Tonic surface and do not justify a complaint.


Roofinox Tonic elektrogefärbter Edelstahl

Tonic matte anthracite

Roofinox Anthrazit matt

Dura matte anthracite


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Kontaktdaten Roofinox

Technical Facts

  • Color without color (surface arises from interference color filter effect)
  • Natural inhomogeneities
  • No paints or pigments: no aging
  • No fading, fading, yellowing or chipping
  • Extraordinary color effects, depending on the lighting and viewing angle
  • matt finish
  • Incomparable structure of the brush roll is retained
  • Free design, from small to large format
  • Natural range of variation in the color shade


  • The coloring interference layer is part of the HFX stainless steel and is flexible and flexible
  • Color with guaranteed long-term durability
  • Bendable, malleable, solderable
  • Self-cleaning and easy to care for
  • Proven for over 45 years