Durable, virtually maintenance-free and simply beautiful: a complete roof drainage system from Roofinox

Why is the brush-rolled Roofinox stainless steel from R.SYS the ideal material for drainage?

With Roofinox R.SYS, you have a complete drainage system made from brush-rolled stainless steel from a single source. With an unlimited life span, virtually no maintenance, superior mold and algae resistance, the beautiful look of the Roofinox R.SYS is the perfect addition to the roof and facade.

Well planned roof drainage permanently protects the building from water damage.

Roofinox stainless steel gutters and downspouts withstand any storm, are completely rust-free and are also algae and mold-resistant. They are less susceptible to damage and dents. Bitumen and foils can allow conventional dewatering to rust through in a few years. With Roofinox R. SYS, that can’t happen to you. Roofinox has the smallest expansion and therefore the lowest load on the substructure and the material. As a result, you can live securely and comfortably all year round and for years to come.

Roof drainage is a visible component of the building, hence we want it to be a harmonious addition to the facade and roof.

This is why your best choice is a solution with natural materials. In addition, Roofinox stainless steel is unboundedly combinable with other building materials – both optically and technically. You can choose between the traditional half-round and the modern square box shape.


R.SYS completes your house. Like no other.

Who isn’t familiar with the tedious tasks of cleaning, polishing and painting – with Roofinox there is no such need. Roofinox R.SYS drainage is near to indestructible, practically maintenance-free and trouble-free.

Did you know that, thanks to its surface, brush-rolled stainless steel is self-cleaning?

If it ever needs cleaning, it is super easy. Also available in marine grade.

R.SYS is like a long-term carefree package for your roof drainage. Like no other.

Building owners know that spending money wisely at the beginning protects them against unpleasant surprises. Choose the best quality with the best features for roof drainage. With Roofinox you get a complete system with a wide range from one single supplier.

Roofinox drainage has the best long-term price-performance relationship. Like no other.

Saving the best for last: Roofinox stainless steel is sustainable and good for the environment. There is no traceable material erosion and it is non-reactive with water. Roofinox stainless steel is produced from more than 85% recycled material, and the final product is 100% recyclable.
R.SYS is sustainable and eco-friendly. Like no other.


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