Roofing Systems

HFX stainless roof systems

Roofs built for generations.

Stainless steel has been used as a building material for 100 years, and the areas of application are diverse, from reinforcement profiles to thermal decoupling (cold bridge cages) or as roofing for entire facades or roofs. With our complete system comprising more than 1500 articles, your ideas and designs can be implemented from a single mould.

The strength and UV stability of HFX stainless make these roof systems the best roof.
Peace of mind, sustainable, beautiful – Like no other.


HFX roof systems at a glance

standing seam hfx stainless roofs

 standing seam systemes


shingles (small format)

small format shingles


large format shingle

shingles (large format)

Detail solutions and accessories

  • Skirting boards
  • Door and window surrounds
  • Corners (outside corners, inside corners)
  • Skirting boards and ledge profiles
  • Parapet covers
  • Plug-in profiles

Detailed solutions and accessories


Roof systems in detail

Doppelstehfalz aus Edelstahl
The classic among metal roofs.

die quadratschindel für Ihre fassade in verschiedenen Farben
TARTAN (square shingle) 
The minimalist cladding for roofs.

Fassadengestaltung mit großformatigen schindeln aus Edelstahl
GRID (rectangular shingle) 
The large roof shingle.


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Roof drainage

To match the roof covering, we offer the first maintenance-free complete range for roof drainage made of HFX stainless steel. Different designs and dimensions enable the realisation of extremely durable and permanently beautiful gutters.

Whether semicircular or box-shaped, most of our products are manufactured in welded or deep-drawn versions, which among other things ensures durability. The different alloys ensure that the roof drainage works worry-free for many decades near the sea or with higher road salt loads.

Discover the complete range here.

stainless steel gutters



The sheeting and covering protects the corners and edges of your property reliably and for generations. The protection against water and cracks, but also UV radiation is the main task of these construction elements.

Solar roof

The integration of renewable energy is at least examined in almost all building projects today. In addition to the initial costs and technical parameters, a number of other considerations must be taken into account. These include the appearance or aesthetics of the modules, the type and dimensioning of the system, the type of integration (on-roof or in-roof) and the orientation of the modules. Simultaneous installation of the roofing and solar system is recommended as it saves costs and facilitates integration.

A roof made of HFX stainless steel represents the best solar platform due to the material properties – durability, low material expansion, robustness, material compatibility and a coordinated roof system represent an unbeatable combination of advantages. You can find out more details on the topic here.


Advantages of metal roofs

Metal roofs can be found on all types of buildings today due to their excellent properties. This durable and low-maintenance roofing offers numerous advantages which we would like to briefly discuss here. The execution of a metal roof with HFX stainless is not considered the best roof for nothing, because HFX stainless from ROOFINOX compensates for the few disadvantages of conventional metal roofs and thus enables carefree, sustainable and beautiful roofs!


    The durability of an HFX stainless roof not only has a positive effect on the sustainability of these roofs, but also brings tangible economic benefits for the owner. A roof is only cost-effective if it reliably protects the building from weather and water ingress after decades of use without regular maintenance.


    The strongest and most robust metal for the roof naturally also provides the best protection against storms, hail and gales for many decades. Even leaning a ladder against the gutter does not leave any unsightly dents with HFX stainless steel.


    The low expansion of HFX stainless steel protects the roof structure and fasteners to make the roof extra durable. Less heat-induced expansion means less stress and therefore less material fatigue.


    All Roofinox products can be soldered, this type of connection creates long-term tightness in seams and connections, which improves longevity compared to glued connections.


    The strongest roof forms an ideal support system for solar installations. This eliminates the possibility of tearing out staples, wearing through screws, expansion of the roof sheeting or lifting due to gusts of wind.


    The enormous strength of HFX stainless allows the use of particularly thin material thicknesses. This saves weight and, at around 4 kg / m², our roofs are among the lightest available. Particularly in renovation, attention must be paid to the weight of the roof covering.


    Roof systems made of HFX stainless have been tested and classified as hard roofing. The material itself is non-combustible and can therefore be used for all building classes. In addition, this classification allows the highest level of safety against flying fire from the outside.


    The low thermal conductivity and high thermal reflectivity of HFX stainless make it an ideal material for roofs. Minimal thermal bridges maintain the performance of the insulation material, which improves winter cold protection and summer heat protection.


HFX stainless and designs

HFX stainless from ROOFINOX has been specially developed for use on roofs and façades. The best material properties of stainless steel have been specially adapted and extended to the building envelope. ROOFINOX products thus combine the best properties in terms of appearance and workmanship and form the first complete system made of HFX stainless.

To meet today’s demands for variety and individuality, we offer unique variety in surfaces and colours made of HFX stainless as a coordinated roof system. The design variety is not only made possible by different roof systems, our surface designs range from ultra-matt to mirrored, from natural silver-grey to coloured or from homogeneous to marbled.

The best way to discover the whole variety is to browse through our sample folders. Request our design board today to see and experience our designs.

designboard sample folder



Your benefits from façade cladding with HFX stainless



nachhaltige Baumaterialien




  • 60 years warranty
  • durable
  • stronger than strong
  • functional
  • > 90 % recycled content
  • Lowest CO2 footprint
  • free from pollutants
  • free from lacquers and pigments
  • vielfältige Oberflächendesigns
  • natürlich oder farbig
  • ultramatt bis spiegelnd
  • speziell für Dach und Fassade

Support in all questions

So that you can concentrate fully on the realisation of your design, our team is at your side with help and advice. The only complete system made of HFX stainless steel for roof and façade is therefore not only convincing due to its quality in terms of material and coordination, but also due to the service that comes with it.
We will be happy to advise you in person or via video conference or send you samples and brochures. Roofinox: Service – like no one else.