The evolution in roof construction: a roof made of Roofinox stainless steel


A bold statement, and one we stand behind.

Around 14,000 years ago, hunters and gatherers began to build structures with wooden sticks. The first roofing materials were pelts, heather and grasses. They later dug pits that were covered by a kind of gable roof. Pits were replaced by walls and gable or hipped roofs of earth, grass, heather and bark covered these dwellings.

These materials naturally had their weaknesses. But brick-like building materials could already be proven around 1000 BC. Wood, straw and bricks were long used as roofing materials until the advent of metal roofs, the first roofs were These materials made of copper. Metal roofs offer excellent protection against all external influences. Storms, hailstones, snow, UV radiation: no problem for a metal roof! Of all metal roofs, the Roofinox stainless steel roof is the strongest and most durable by far – and it protects the environment too.


So why Roofinox and not just any old stainless steel?

Roofinox stainless steel has been specially developed for use on roofs and facades. The properties of conventional stainless steel have been specifically adapted to the building envelope so that Roofinox has the best properties for processing and use:

The most important improvements of Roofinox over conventional stainless steel are:

  • Longer durability
  • Softer and easier to process and fold, improving its price-performance ratio
  • Easier to solder, meaning faster processing and lower costs
  • Appealing looks thanks to the specially developed surfaces
  • Roofinox is much more matt and has a lower degree of reflection

Stainless steel also has some general advantages as a roofing material:

  • Enormous durability
  • Extreme storm safety
  • Practically maintenance-free
  • Exceptionally environmentally friendly



The complete product life cycle of a Roofinox stainless steel roof, from its production to its disposal, can’t be beaten, see for yourself.

Roof drainage

Roofinox Classic is also the ideal roof drainage material for the same reasons. Click here for our complete Drainage systems and their Advantages.

Roofinox stainless steel, the evolution of the roof. Like no other.