Because your home is the most beautiful place in the world
- Exterior facade and roof made from rustproof HFX stainless 

Imagine that the weather outside is stormy and raging - and you are sitting warm and safe in your house with a bowl of tea or coffee. The snow piles up on your roof, the cold creeps around the house and has to stay outside.

That's comfort with ROOFINOX. Like no other.

Think of yourself in 30 years' time, standing in front of your house and enjoying the beautiful facade and magnificent roof that still look like they did on day one. No matter how the surroundings have changed, the look of your house will blend in seamlessly. Because ROOFINOX can be combined with simply anything.

That's pride of ownership with ROOFINOX. Like no other.

Imagine how - twenty years in the future - the neighbors around you are busy renovating and repairing. Meanwhile, you and your family are planning your next trip, your own boat or fulfilling another dream.

That's lasting value with ROOFINOX. Like no other.

Imagine a world in which people are mindful, respect the planet and all its inhabitants and protect the environment in all undertakings and projects. As a ROOFINOX builder or renovator, you have been involved right from the start.

That's sustainability and ecology with ROOFINOX. Like no other.

Did you know that ROOFINOX roofs are the ideal platform for photovoltaic and solar systems? Find out more here.

Smart builders and renovators are counting on the future and on ROOFINOX.
Definitely the smartest choice in the long term.

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