Sheeting, cladding and covering

Your house has corners and edges - protect them!

Whether your home is clad in wood, sheet metal, stone or other materials, certain areas on the roof and facade must be sheet metal.
These flashings protect against water penetration in critical places, so they are elementary for the protection of residents and their home.

What is flashing?

Flashing is the covering and lining of critical places on the house, such as the window sill, dormer, parapet, chimney or wall connection. High-quality metal flashings reliably protect such corners and edges from moisture and mechanical stress. Such flashings are essential for any building, especially for roof waterproofing they are an important construction element.

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Why is flashing necessary and where?

The elementary task of flashing is to protect places on skylights, ridges and similar, from water ingress. Thus, the flashing is a part of the general cladding of the house. It must be placed at transitions, joints and terminations to keep tight and prevent damage. Classic locations on the house are, for example, the dormer, the chimney, the roof in general, parts of the facade, windows and more.

What are particularly critical points on the building?

The following list shows where cladding is necessary, for example:

  • Transition of roof and gutters
  • Verge cladding of the gable
  • Dormer cladding
  • Attic covering on flat roof
  • Gable cladding at the edge of the roof
  • Flashing of the roof ridge
  • Inlet sheet / strip
  • Window sill
  • Chimney cover to protect against water ingress
  • Chimney flashing or chimney covering
  • cladding of snow guards
  • Roof edge profiles, building profiles, sheet metal profiles
  • Wall covering at the wall connection
  • plinth sealing on the facade
  • edging of doors and windows, e.g. skylights or balcony doors
  • valley flashings

Verge cladding


In a nutshell:
Flashings are coverings that are necessary on all your corners and edges on the house.

If the work of cladding is carried out correctly and with appropriate material, the flashing will provide reliable protection and safety for decades.
For this, professional fabricators follow long-standing traditions of craftsmanship in the execution. This is first-class quality of materials and implementation.

HFX Stainless steel for flashing

ROOFINOX HFX stainless is the perfect building material for flashings, covers, claddings and edgings
- whether on roofing, dormers, doors, windows or plinths.

It is particularly worth mentioning that HFX stainless steel does not release any substances that are harmful to the environment or health into rainwater. In this way, the metal - unlike many other sheet metals - protects our environment and groundwater reserves. In addition, when flashing with HFX stainless, you can choose from a wide variety of design surfaces: from light to dark, from super-matte to glossy. ROOFINOX surfaces can be optimally combined with building materials such as concrete, plaster, wood, panels and more. This is how your covers look really good!

Comparison with unsuitable materials

If you use the wrong material for flashing, you risk serious damage. This can include rust, corrosion, leaks, fading or metal erosion. In the case of sheet metal such as aluminum or copper, there is also the fact that the materials can be incompatible. Also, in terms of maintenance, some sheet metals cause more effort than desired and necessary.

Alloy comparison

Depending on whether your house is located near the coast, industrial environment, not far from the highway or a railroad platform, the type of alloy of the material must also be considered separately. For example, where road salt is swirled up or remains for a longer period of time, where chlorine and other corrosive circumstances prevail, the alloy 1.4404 / 316L- also known as V4A - should be used urgently. In less corrosive environments, on the other hand, the alloy 1.4301 / 304- also known as V2A - is usually optimal and absolutely sufficient.

The fact is that if you choose the right material and the right alloy from the outset, you will certainly save yourself one or two repairs. Ultimately, this is easy on the wallet and also on the nerves.

The choice of alloy should be well considered, especially for plinth trim. Here, for example, road salt is often not completely washed off by rain, which increases the risk of corrosion.

Price comparison: HFX stainless is worth it

You think "Who can afford HFX stainless?" - we have good news! ROOFINOX HFX stainless costs about the same as zinc or painted aluminum. On top of that, it costs less than copper.

Builders, fabricators and architects should always look at the total cost right from the start. If the material costs are added up with the installation costs, then
ROOFINOX HFX stainless does not add significantly to the cost. Nevertheless, HFX stainless offers more longevity than any other. The bottom line: It's worth it!

Picture examples of cladding made of HFX stainless

That's custom flashing and termination with ROOFINOX HFX stainless. Durably beautiful and maintenance-free - like no other.


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Secure your advantage in flashing, cladding and covering

Ensure peace of mind, service, protection and beauty:

  • insist on 60 years warranty.
  • make the decision easy, choose the best material.
  • make the right investment right away, avoid annoying and costly repairs and maintenance.
  • choose timeless elegance.
  • play it safe with HFX stainless from ROOFINOX.





  • 60 years of safety
  • 60 years UV stability
  • 60 years defect-free material
  • 60 years defect-free surface
  • 60 years protection

Details and warranty conditions can be found in the warranty certificate

Support in all questions

So that you can concentrate fully on the realisation of your design, our team is at your side with help and advice. The only complete system made of HFX stainless for roof and facade is therefore not only convincing due to its quality in terms of material and coordination, but also due to the service that comes with it. We will be happy to advise you in person or via video conference or send you samples and brochures. ROOFINOX: Service – like no other.