Life expectancy: over 200 years

When assessing a construction project and selecting materials, it is not enough to consider only the construction costs, as 80 % - 85 % of the total costs of a building are only incurred after the construction work has been completed.

The demands placed on buildings have changed in recent years:
Issues such as climate change, resource conservation, demographic change and value stability are increasingly in focus and must be taken into account in planning.
In order to fulfil these requirements, the entire life cycle of buildings, including operation, maintenance, repair and dismantling, must be included in the planning in addition to the construction phase.

Building lifecycle

Due to strict budgets, price is often the decisive factor when awarding contracts. In order to minimise acquisition costs, the quality of the building products is cut back. As the quality decreases, so does the life expectancy of the products. This leads to high maintenance and servicing costs during the life of the property. If you look at the life cycle costs of a building, savings in the construction phase do not usually pay off. Only those who consider the entire life cycle costs and include them in the planning from the outset will be able to build in a high-quality, sustainable and cost-effective manner in the long term.

Life-cycle optimised planning

Roofs, facades, gutters and flashing made of HFX stainless from ROOFINOX cost slightly more than cheaper building materials, but they last the entire service life of the property without additional repair or ongoing maintenance costs.

HFX stainless can be 100% dismantled and recycled. There are no disposal costs; dismantling is usually covered by the residual value of the HFX stainless material.

60-year warranty

Roofs and facades made of HFX stainless give you a peace of mind, are sustainable and beautiful. Our unique 60-year warranty symbolises the virtually infinite service life of HFX stainless.

Our material warranty gives you peace of mind:

  • 60 years of security
  • 60 years UV resistance
  • 60 years freedom from defects
  • 60 years of protection

With HFX stainless, you are building for eternity and your decision in favour of our products demonstrates your understanding of sustainable building. Once built, a property should last for generations without the need for regular maintenance. Labour, energy and emissions can be reduced most effectively if a building is used for as long as possible without maintenance or renovation.

The roof of the Chrysler Building in New York City, which was completed in 1930 and remains unchanged and maintenance-free to this day, is a symbol of the longevity of stainless steel.

For more information on our warranty and the corresponding provisions, please request our warranty certificate.

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