HFX stainless gutters and roof drainage

Durable, practically maintenance-free and simply beautiful

Roof drainage is a visible part of a house, it should be a harmonious complement to the facade and roof. It is also a crucial prerequisite for preserving the building fabric and protecting it from damage. The ROOFINOX complete system for roof drainage combines function and aesthetics - we guarantee this with our 60-year warranty.

HFX stainless gutters at a glance

Roof drainage half-round 304

for normal environmental conditions

Roof drainage half-round 316L

for more demanding environmental conditions

Roof drainage box 304

for normal environmental conditions

Roof drainage half-round electro-coloured 304

for normal environmental conditions

ROOFINOX gutters in detail

Our HFX stainless complete system for roof drainage is the first stainless steel complete system for roof drainage. With over 250 items, it offers a comprehensive and coordinated range to drain all types of connections and roofs without worry.


The traditional variant of the gutter is the gutter, which is produced in a semi-circular and square box shape. The classic and predominant gutter shape is the semi-circular gutter and it has lost none of its relevance to this day. Box gutters are increasingly being used for modern designs and simple styling. The proven and effective functionality of these gutters, in combination with a comprehensive range of accessories, makes them an all-rounder in roof drainage.

As a visible component of the roof and façade, a coordinated and consistent appearance is the decisive prerequisite for ensuring the aesthetics and an appealing overall impression of the house. The wide range of accessories from a single source ensures that the roof drainage system will function perfectly for decades.

Electro-coloured HFX stainless gutters

Colour-coordinated or a colourful accent

The Roofinox gutter complete system can be harmoniously integrated into the colour concept and round off the overall appearance of the facade and roof. Or you can use the coloured gutter and rainwater pipes made of HFX stainless and deliberately set accents. Emphasise the architecture or structure of the building by using coloured guttering. These are free from pigments and paints and therefore do not age like standard painted gutters.

60 years warranty

ROOFINOX is the only manufacturer to offer a two-generation warranty for 60 years.

This is a material warranty on ROOFINOX HFX stainless*!

  • 60 years of safety
  • 60 years UV stability
  • 60 years defect-free material
  • 60 years flawless surface
  • 60 years protection

*Details and warranty conditions can be found in the limited material warranty certificate, which is available on request.

Features and details of ROOFINOX roof drainage

Rainwater utilisation

Every citizen consumes an average of 130 litres of drinking water every day. Mostly for purposes that would not require drinking water, such as watering the garden or flushing the toilet. The use of rainwater reduces this waste. HFX stainless from ROOFINOX is the perfect material to use rainwater, because HFX stainless:

  • is free from wash-off and ion erosion
  • contains no plasticisers from paints and coatings
  • is food safe and food grade
  • is a natural material
  • is not harmful to people or the environment

Material compatibility and combinability

ROOFINOX roof drainage is also worry-free in terms of its interaction with other materials. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel naturally also works in this respect. Whether bitumen, foil roofs, green roofs, slate, wood (also with a low pH value such as larch, oak, chestnut, cedar, Douglas fir), other metals, stone or glass - no problem! HFX stainless from ROOFINOX gives you a peace of mind.

Maintenance and servicing

All parts of the ROOFINOX complete system are made of HFX stainless, the strongest and most durable metal for roofs and facades. This prevents rusting, fading or pitting and makes the HFX stainless gutter the most durable roof drainage system. This makes the roof drainage system low-maintenance, but please do not forget to clear the drainage outlets from time to time to prevent blockages.

Coordinated complete system

The entire ROOFINOX roof drainage system is rounded off by a comprehensive range of system accessories. You receive water collectors, gutter boxes, gutter hooks, pipe bends, pipe clamps, leaf catchers and much more from a single source, all with a harmonised appearance and function. You will find the roof drainage accessories on the respective product pages.

ROOFINOX also offers an extensive range for flat roofs, consisting of water trap boxes or spout inlets. Various surfaces and solutions are available, whether round or square, to drain rainwater reliably and beautifully without any worries.

Welded and deep-drawn design

Durability and aesthetics need not be mutually exclusive. With ROOFINOX, this means high-quality workmanship and a perfectly harmonised system. This makes installation easier, reduces costs and extends the service life. Rebates are not opened or stretched by freezing water and the weld seam is the strongest connection that also enables a discreet appearance. Soldered, folded or multi-part components can look bulky and 3D forming of moulded parts enables the familiar elegance of R.SYS system components. Multi-part or soldered accessories are only used where there is no other technical possibility. This is a further expression of our focus on appearance and durability.

Rinnenwinkel aus HFX Edelstahl in der gelöteten Ausführung.

Soldered gutter corner - external

Tiefgezogener Rinnenwinkel aus Edelstahl von ROOFINOX.

Deep-drawn gutter corner - external


HFX stainless has the lowest expansion of the stainless construction metals. This ensures less waviness, no noise (cracking or crackling) and less stress on the supporting structure. The low expansion also enables longer panels (over 30 metres), gutters and fascias to be made from a single piece.

Durable connections

Soldering (soft soldering) is a quick, reliable and simple method for creating watertight and durable connections. All our roof drainage products can be soldered and therefore allow roof drainage without an expiry date. Alternatively, the connection can also be made using adhesive technology, for which we recommend our specially developed gutter adhesive.

Heavy metal run-off

ROOFINOX roof drainage is also the best choice from an ecological point of view. Durability, carbon footprint and recycling clearly speak in favour of it. Another decisive factor for roof drainage is that HFX stainless does not release any harmful metals, microplastics, plasticisers or nanoparticles, as is the case with conventional materials due to the continuous washing out of the channels and pipes. These pollutants end up in the groundwater and wastewater and cause long-term damage to our soil and water supplies. By using a gutter made of HFX stainless, you enable the safe utilisation of rainwater and protect our water reserves.

HFX stainless and designs

The HFX stainless gutters are not only available in a classic metallic finish, but also in colour. That's how carefree, sustainable and beautiful the electro-coloured gutters made of HFX stainless are.

The electro-colouring process enables long-lasting colouring without any paints or pigments and therefore without fading, yellowing or flaking. All the necessary accessories are available in matching colours and can be soldered for a permanent connection.

The electro-coloured HFX stainless gutters are available in four colours:

Dura-matte anthracite
Dura-matte bronze
Dura-brilliant bronze
Dura-brilliant black

Find out more about our DURA-matte or DURA-brilliant electro-coloured designs.

Gutters FAQ

Why is brushed-rolled HFX stainless from ROOFINOX the ideal material for roof drainage?

With the complete system from ROOFINOX, you have a comprehensive and customised drainage system made of brushed-rolled HFX stainless from a single source. Unrivalled durability, virtually no maintenance, resistance to algae and roots and an exceptionally attractive appearance make ROOFINOX gutters the perfect addition to your roof and facade.

How does a well-planned drainage system protect the building from water damage in the long term?

ROOFINOX HFX stainless gutters and pipes can withstand any storm, are completely rustproof and are also resistant to algae and roots. They are less susceptible to damage and dents. Bitumen and foils can perforate a conventional drainage system in just a few years. This cannot happen with ROOFINOX.  HFX stainless impresses with minimal expansion and therefore minimal stress on the overall structure. Our gutters make your property safe and cosy all year round. For decades. For generations.

What quality should be used for heavy road salt loads?

Road salt poses a particular challenge for all metals, which is why HFX stainless from ROOFINOX offers a carefree and attractive solution for precisely this problem. Use the 1.4404/ 316L HFX alloy for maintenance-free and durable roof drainage in areas with high levels of road salt or on busy roads (especially heavy traffic), whereby the pipes or standpipe caps close to the ground could be primarily affected.

Your benefits of a roof drainage system made of HFX stainless

Peace of mind

  • 60-year warranty
  • durable
  • stronger than strong
  • functional


  • > 90 % recycled content
  • lowest CO² footprint
  • free from harmful substances
  • free from lacquers and pigments


  • Various surface designs
  • natural or coloured
  • ultra-matte to reflective
  • especially for roofs and facades

Further topics

Design surfaces



Support in all matters

Our team is on hand with help and advice so that you can concentrate fully on realising your design. The only complete system made of HFX stainless for roofs and facades not only impresses with the quality of its materials and harmonisation, but also with the service that comes with it.

We will be happy to advise you in person or via video conference or send you samples and brochures. ROOFINOX: Service - like no other.