Rainwater and sustainable roof drainage

In the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), every citizen consumes an average of around 130 litres of drinking water per day. Large quantities are used for purposes that do not require drinking water, such as water for watering the garden or flushing the toilet. The use of rainwater can minimise this waste. ROOFINOX HFX stainless is the ideal material to make the use of rainwater possible, because HFX stainless:

  • is free from wash-off and ion erosion
  • does not contain any plasticisers from paints and coatings
  • is food-safe and food-safe
  • is a natural material
  • is not harmful to people or the environment

Heavy metal run-off and ion erosion

(ion erosion, heavy metal run-off, soil and groundwater contamination)

Graphic from KBOB and rainwater management CH


"Most metals are coated to improve their material properties. There are firmly adhering metallic (e.g. galvanising, tinning) or inorganic coatings (oxide layer, phosphating) or organic coatings (e.g. rubber coating, lacquer, paints). Studies show that organic coatings in particular can effectively reduce the leaching of environmentally relevant heavy metals.  However, these coatings can be impaired by UV radiation and thermal stress and then have a limited duration of protection. The washed-out, organic protective layer is released into the environment as microplastics."

Food safety

In most cases, 3 parameters are decisive for the corrosion of stainless steel. Firstly, the corrosive medium, the quantity of corrosive medium and the exposure time/cleaning interval. This means that even if chlorides/salt are used, which are cleaned regularly (daily in the kitchen), this is not a problem.
With electro-coloured ROOFINOX, electro-colouring does not affect the corrosion properties of the respective alloy. This is why electro-coloured ROOFINOX is the same as purely cold-rolled ROOFINOX. Here too, corrosion resistance depends on the choice of the right alloy.

Conclusion: Alloy 304 /1.4301 is normally sufficient for use in kitchens. If frequent use of large quantities of salts or chlorides or acids that are very aggressive for stainless steel is expected and regular (daily) cleaning cannot be guaranteed, 316L/ 1.4404 should always be selected or possibly an even higher alloy.

Ideal solar platform (PV & solar thermal)

Integrating solar thermal and photovoltaics is a challenge for architects and installers, but it can and should be very simple: teaming up with truly knowledgeable experts paves the way to great success. With many years of experience, the unique HFX stainless and guaranteed safety, ROOFINOX is the expert you are looking for in the best solar platform. Yes, sometimes good things are so close.

We offer you everything that is essential for a solid and safe roof with roof structures such as PV modules and solar panels:

  • the underlying roof substructure
  • the roof covering on top (e.g. standing seam roof, shingle roof, dormer roof, roof panels)
  • the attachment with suitable clips and screws

ROOFINOX ensures safety and beauty on the sunny side of your projects with expertise. Contact us, we look forward to a good co-operation!

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