What is a sustainable building material?

Architecture shapes our living space permanently and significantly. This is precisely why architects make a decisive contribution to the careful use of our environment, the available resources and the social systems of our society.
We support you in this by creating solutions for sustainable building.

Peace of mind, sustainable and beautiful?

The material HFX stainless from ROOFINOX does just that. The longest service life combined with maintenance-free products, self-healing surfaces and natural materials create the necessary framework for this.

What does sustainable building mean?

The term sustainability is frequently used and often interpreted individually.
In order to find a generally valid understanding, we use definitions from two organisations that are dedicated to the development of sustainable construction:

German Sustainable Building Council
(Source: DGNB retrieved on 20.12.2022)

"Sustainable construction means consciously handling and using available resources, minimising energy consumption and preserving the environment."

United States Green Building Council
(Source: USGBC retrieved on 20.12.2022)

"Sustainability is not a one-off treatment or product. Instead, green building is a process that involves the building, site, facility, operations and the surrounding community. The process of green building encompasses the entire life cycle of a project, starting with the project idea and seamlessly transitioning to the end of life when the components are recycled or reused."

The following aspects make construction projects more sustainable:

Conscious handling and use of available resources

Photovoltaik und Solar, nachhaltige Energiegewinnung

Minimisation of energy consumption & use of renewable energies

Landschaftsbild einer grünen Wiese.

Preserving the environment for future generations

Consideration of the entire life cycle

Solaranlagen in der Stadt.

Sustainable building as an integrative process

What is the importance of sustainability for ROOFINOX?

ROOFINOX has set itself the task of promoting sustainable building. At the same time, we are making great efforts to manufacture our products as environmentally friendly as possible.

To this end, we and our partners are committed to taking the necessary measures to achieve the 1.5° target. The climate targets have been confirmed by the Science Based Targets Initiative. The long-term goal is to make the production of HFX stainless carbon neutral by 2050.

To further reduce emissions the following measures are being implemented:

  • further increase in recycled content
  • further increase in low-carbon energy sources
  • replacement of fossil fuels and reducers from renewable sources
  • further improvement in energy efficiency and material efficiency
  • reduction of emissions in the supply chain and during transport

How sustainable is HFX stainless?

In accordance with the previously mentioned requirements for sustainable construction, here you can see why HFX stainless is a leader in all aspects of sustainability.

Life expectancy of over 200 years

The quality and durability of HFX stainless are unrivalled. The natural self-healing properties of the material make it insensitive to corrosion and the effects of the weather. A life expectancy of over 200 years makes HFX stainless the ideal material for architecture that lasts for generations.

Solutions for insulated, rear-ventilated roofs and facades

The energy consumption during the utilisation phase of a building regularly exceeds the energy used to manufacture the products required for it. This consumption can be drastically reduced by insulating the roof and facade. All our products are designed for use as insulated structures.

Minimised ecological footprint

Our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) shows the excellent environmental balance of our products. The low CO² emissions paired with the unbeatable durability of HFX stainless result in a product that has a minimal impact on the environment.

Recycled, durable, maintenance-free, recyclable

HFX stainless from ROOFINOX is made from over 90% recycled material. Our materials last for generations without the need for ongoing maintenance and can be easily recycled by type at the end of their useful life. But it is also possible to reuse products made from HFX stainless, thus creating a basic prerequisite for the circular economy.

Rainwater utilisation, aesthetic construction, uncomplicated during building use

Beautiful, timeless materials that age without disadvantages contribute to sustainability, as do long-lasting buildings with materials that do not require regular maintenance. Roof drainage made of HFX stainless is ideal for protecting our water reserves and soil quality, as it does not cause heavy metal run-off or microplastic pollution.

European origin and European standards

All our products are of European origin. Our manufacturing plants are located in Finland, Germany and Austria, which ensures that we comply with the particularly high requirements and regulations for environmental standards and working conditions in the European Union. This also ensures our high quality awareness and enables us to act as a company in the long term.

As an Austrian manufacturer, we strengthen regional value chains and promote the local development of expertise.

Become sustainable too. Like no other.

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