Designing with stainless steel. Stainless steel with design.

ROOFINOX for modern architecture, buildings and art

Frank Gehry, Norman Foster, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Zaha Hadid, Jeff Koons, Anish Kapoor, William Van Alen, Daniel Libeskind and many other renowned architects, designers and artists have one thing in common: their successful and impressive work with stainless steel.

Creators like them use(d) the many facets of stainless steel with skill, aesthetics and often with an unmistakable and rewarding dose of courage. They play with the full range of possibilities that the metal has to offer by nature. This is precisely how they show that stainless steel is far more than a cold, impersonal, hard or purely functional building material.

Stainless steel properties for ideas and freedom

Stainless steel has always scored points with its exceptionally good properties. For this reason, it is particularly attractive and equally important for those who design and create with what they do: for architects and designers who want to live out their creative freedom without compromise and put it into practice. With HFX stainless, this is exactly what is possible.

Design expertise from ROOFINOX

ROOFINOX understands that design plays a special role in the creative process. Every work of art is the result of individual work and it is precisely this understanding that is part of our own corporate DNA. That is why the development of the innovative HFX stainless steel is largely based on this aspect: design. ROOFINOX stands for this like no other - always and forever.

Design surfaces from ROOFINOX: HFX stainless as you like it

It all started with ROOFINOX CLASSIC and the 4-fold matte surface structure. The metallic HFX stainless is brush-rolled, 35% softer than comparable products and creates an almost textile feel. It feels good and looks beautiful, just like all ROOFINOX design surfaces. Find out here how our rough and diagonally crossed structure is created.

ROOFINOX has been continuously developing stainless steel for more than four decades - the result is a wide variety of surfaces with unmistakable designs for roofs, facades and more. They combine the globally appreciated functionality of the material with aesthetics, peace of mind and sustainability. Like no other. We are the inventors of HFX stainless, the highly flexible stainless steel especially for roofs and facades.

Patinating HFX stainless design surfaces

Non-patinaing HFX stainless design surfaces

Shiny HFX stainless design surfaces


Matte HFX stainless design surfaces

Natural HFX stainless design surfaces

Colored HFX stainless design surfaces
(ROOFINOX DURA-brillant)

HFX stainless: the design story

Today, ROOFINOX offers a valuable range of HFX stainless design surfaces for architects, builders and craftsmen. This is possible because expert developers, the management and the entire company have continuously focused on the further development of the feel, appearance and workability of the material since the beginning of the 21st century. What was once only conceivable for industrial purposes has become increasingly practical and suitable for everyday use thanks to new types of finishing. The passion and dedication of ROOFINOX make it possible for the highest quality stainless steel to be accessible to more than just the elite of architects and builders.

HFX stainless is still an exceptional material and can produce sensational results. But it has become more accessible to the general public. It can be used for extravagant architectural projects as well as private homes. With surfaces ranging from ultra-matt to mirror-gloss, it offers almost endless potential, especially for architects. The HFX stainless we know today is made by designers for designers. It is strong yet soft, versatile yet characteristic. It is great to combine and has been thought through down to the smallest detail - in its function, a coordinated complete system and in its appearance.

ROOFINOX as a design partner

First-class products and the experience of experts around the world make ROOFINOX and HFX stainless the perfect partner for any architectural project.

We want.

It is a matter close to our hearts to provide stainless steel exclusively in its best form. We want architects, builders, renovators and craftsmen to always get the best of the best. Design continues to be extremely important to ROOFINOX, which is why we will continue to develop and advance the metal with great enthusiasm in the future - for the realization of your architectural ideas.

We can.

We have the competence, the expertise and the network to make HFX stainless products even better and more beautiful. Our history shows this and we are building on it. We not only have the sense for it, but also the necessary intuition. We are happy to advise and support you at any time.

What's in it for you?

You want options, but you need your freedom. We know that. That's why we provide high-quality, durable, flexible and versatile HFX stainless, but we give you every freedom to design. We let you design and support you when and how you want. Like no other.

Design features and advantages of HFX stainless at a glance

We want to, we can, we do and we help you do. Make something out of HFX stainless!

So that you already have the most important information for your architectural building and construction planning considerations, we would like to summarize the greatest design advantages of HFX stainless:

  • HFX stainless is durable, rust-free and very easy to work with thanks to its reduced hardness.
  • HFX stainless is available in more than 50 different design surfaces - making it suitable for classic, modern and elegant applications.
  • HFX stainless has an everyday character, but depending on its roughness and coloring, it can also be used in very unusual ways.
  • HFX stainless has potential, even for sculptural and architectural surprises.      

ROOFINOX is your partner for modern architecture and beautiful design - naturally with HFX stainless.


How adaptable is HFX stainless?
  • Every artist, architect and builder has individual wishes, needs and requirements for the design, function and taste of their building material.
  • HFX stainless from ROOFINOX is versatile, malleable and solderable. We offer an unsurpassed choice of colors and can produce completely individual dimensions.
  • This makes HFX stainless ideal for meeting your specific requirements and preferences.
Isn't stainless steel too hard for intricate, design-driven projects?
  • HFX stainless from ROOFINOX is up to 35 % softer than ordinary stainless steels.
  • This metal is specially designed for craftsmanship, making it ideal for folding, soldering, driving and manual processing.
  • For this reason, HFX stainless is also ideal for delicate and demanding architectural projects.
Is it possible to color HFX stainless?
  • Yes!
  • This coloring is achieved without varnishes, paints or pigments.
  • The stainless steel is modified using the DURA, PLASMA or PROTON process by means of electrocoloring or plasma coloring.
  • The resulting HFX stainless steel coloration is UV-resistant, does not fade and does not flake off.
How durable is HFX stainless?
  • HFX is made to last. It requires little or no maintenance or reworking, even over decades.
  • HFX stainless from ROOFINOX is particularly corrosion-resistant and has a self-repair and self-cleaning mechanism. That's why it is more durable than any other.
  • We confirm this with our 60-year warranty.
Is HFX stainless sustainable?
  • HFX stainless is made from more than 90% recycled material. The metal itself is 100% recyclable.
  • Production is largely carried out using non-fossil energy. No paints or pigments are added, everything is 100% natural.
  • With HFX stainless, you are conserving resources and respecting the environment. This is longevity based on sustainability.
What is the best way to use HFX stainless for roofs and facades?
  • HFX stainless can be used in a wide variety of uncomplicated ways - there are no special criteria to be observed.
  • Details on the use on the roof and for roof drainage can be found here.
  • Details on use on the facade can be found here.
What support does ROOFINOX offer architects and designers?
  • ROOFINOX offers the complete package when it comes to HFX stainless for architecture, buildings and art.
  • We advise you as experts, send you samples and develop surfaces and façade products specifically for your needs.
  • We can also support you with structural analysis, tenders and the planning of your facade and roof systems.

HFX stainless from ROOFINOX: beautiful building material for every design

  • Beauty plays a decisive role in architecture, because architecture should be beautiful.
  • ROOFINOX is beautiful and functional at the same time - both classically and in color.
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but HFX stainless has many facets. It is perfect for any concept.


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