3 things that make us proud

Part 2 of our 3-part series "Happy at home"

We know it and you know it: "A home is not only a place, it's a feeling". And the feeling that, according to the Danish Happiness Research Institute, contributes most to the emotional bond with our home is the feeling of pride. Investing in this is therefore more than sensible. But crucial questions arise:

  • What does pride mean in relation to one's house or apartment?
  • What can we do to become prouder and therefore happier with our home? What is the best way to invest?

What makes us proud?

According to the 2019 study "The Good Home Report", the feeling of pride contributes 44% to whether or how happy we are with our home. This is almost twice as much as the proportion of every other main emotion surveyed (comfort, coziness, identity/individuality, security and control). But what exactly does pride mean in this context?

  1. In relation to one's own four walls, pride can be attributed to the good condition of the home. For example, a well-covered roof, insulated windows and a weatherproof facade. In short, it's about a home that doesn't need any major renovations.
  2. Your own achievements also contribute significantly to the "pride factor": DIY enthusiasts who invest time and energy in their own home are rewarded with pride.
  3. Special possessions or achievements in the home can also go hand in hand with increased pride.

Keeping your home in good condition and making your own improvements and purchases requires a certain amount of effort - be it time, energy or money. But it's all worth it: around 80% of people who are proud of their home are happy with it. And 75% of those who are happy with their home are generally happy in life.

It's also about personality

Pride is not detached, it is connected to other feelings. It is particularly closely interwoven with our sense of identity. This means that pride in our home also depends on whether we identify with it.

Is your home your home?

Personal items in particular ensure that we identify with our home. Photos of loved ones or souvenirs from vacations allow us to express our own personality and preferences. In addition, the combination of furniture, decoration, plants and wall paint or our involvement in the planning of our own house construction allows us to create our home. "My home is an extension of my soul," said one of the study participants. Deep identifications such as these create the aforementioned pride in where and how we live.

The key to happiness

The authors of the study put it in a nutshell: "Being proud of our home is the key to being happy with it". Therefore, one of the conclusions is: "If we want to be happy with our home, we need to work on our pride".

How do we become prouder?

Tackle it and make yourself a proud resident. Regardless of whether you carry out the planned work à la DIY or hire someone to do it for you - it pays into your happiness account.

Even the simple act of taking time to make changes and improvements has an impact. Small, yet noticeable measures can be:

  • Paint walls in colors that reflect your personality
  • Rearrange furniture to create more space, for example
  • Place photos or souvenirs as reminders
  • Decorate lovingly and express yourself

Major changes to invest in pride and happiness can include

  • Renovating the kitchen to suit your taste
  • Removing a wall for more light and space
  • Renovating the roof to be better protected
  • Removing the oil heating and installing a photovoltaic system instead
  • ...

The more time we invest in our own home, the greater the resulting pride. The prouder we are, the more we like to receive visitors. The more visitors we receive, the more we identify with our home and the prouder we are of it.

Do it the way you are: Like no other.

Changes offer added value above all if they bring benefits for as long as possible. This is why, for example with a new roof, particular attention should be paid to quality. How long does the manufacturer say the roof will last? How long will it look good? Are there sensible guarantees? What exactly matches the existing house? And are the references appealing?

With HFX stainless from ROOFINOX, you can be sure of roof systems, guttering, facades and more of genuine premium quality. The material is perfectly matched to the trade, allowing you to implement your own personal wishes and ideas. Like no other. You show that you are like no other. You have complete freedom and your home can be different: elegant, high-quality and sustainable - perfect for expressing your personality. We want you to be proud and happy.

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