Are you still building for the short-term or are you already looking for long-term solutions?

Life cycle-optimised planning, because long-term thinking saves money.

A long-term solution means no maintenance and no need for refurbishment.

What are the long-term consequences of short-term thinking?

Considering only construction costs falls short of the mark, as 80 - 85 % of the total costs of a building are only incurred after commissioning. "A high-quality design should lead to significantly lower costs in the utilisation phase. Depending on the complexity of the planning task, this can be associated with higher construction costs and higher planning costs".

ROOFINOX is the inventor of HFX stainless. We are an Austrian manufacturer and the only complete supplier of roof and facade systems. Like no other.  ROOFINOX developed highly flexible HFX stainless over 30 years ago. This material is completely carefree - 4 times more matte, up to 35% more flexible and the only complete system available for roofs and facades with the first 60-year warranty.

Construction costs: short-term thinking leads to long-term problems

Rising construction costs and property prices often make price the decisive criterion when selecting materials and awarding contracts. In order to achieve the lowest possible construction costs, savings are made on the quality of the building products, but it is precisely this short-term thinking that leads to long-term problems and, in particular, to additional costs over the course of the property's use.


For example, the first cleaning of an external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) facade after around 10 years means that an originally more expensive rear-ventilated facade is cheaper, as this maintenance is no longer necessary with a facade made of HFX stainless; this type of facade no longer makes economic and ecological sense when it is completely renewed after 30 years at the latest.

Another example concerns waterproofing for flat roofs; maintenance and repair, but above all the replacement of the flat roof waterproofing after 20 to 30 years, make this roof variant uneconomical for buildings with a life expectancy of over 30 years. An HFX stainless roof lasts for generations.

If you buy cheap, you buy twice.

This proverb could serve as a brief summary of the life cycle approach. With average property lifetimes of 50 years, products with life expectancies of 20 to 30 years are not economical, as the product has to be completely replaced at least once during use.

The following graphic explains the above-mentioned principle of life cycle-optimised planning in a slightly more complex way:

The total costs of a property are considered over its life cycle. Here it becomes obvious that conventional planning and construction generally result in higher utilisation costs because ongoing maintenance and repairs are necessary.

Over 80 % of the total costs of a building are incurred during its use and dismantling. These building utilisation costs primarily include operating costs, costs for cleaning, care and maintenance and costs for replacement investments. In addition, demolition costs for dismantling and disposal must be taken into account at the end of the useful life.

On average, around 44 % of operating costs for office buildings are attributable to maintenance, repair and cleaning and around 28 % to supply and maintenance. Savings in these areas therefore lead to a significant reduction in operating costs.

What makes HFX stainless a long-term solution for a peace of mind?

HFX stainless from ROOFINOX offers the most durable roof and facade products on the market. This means that you can expect virtually no need for action from a technical or aesthetic point of view during the life of the property. Above all, the following properties of HFX stainless make it carefree and durable:

HFX stainless rust-free

There is a suitable composition for every application and environment for more than 250 years of service life.

HFX stainless cannot fade.

Colour without colour - completely without varnishes and pigments - cannot yellow, chalk or fade.

HFX stainless does not shine.

4 times more matte and therefore no annoying shine and no glare even after decades. In the complete system, all components are available from a single source and are harmonised with each other.

HFX stainless is the strongest sheet metal.

HFX stainless is four times stronger than aluminium and therefore particularly resistant to hail or vandalism.

HFX stainless with minimal expansion.

This minimises stress cracks, abrasion holes, waviness and noise, while at the same time protecting the supporting structure and fasteners.

HFX stainless is a sustainability champion.

Outstanding durability and the highest recycled content in our industry coupled with the lowest carbon footprint make HFX stainless more sustainable. 250 years life expectancy is probably long enough for all projects.

There are many terms and complexities in connection with stainless steel, 
so there can be a lot to discuss.

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From Austria - the better alternative

ROOFINOX is the Austrian manufacturer of the only complete stainless steel system for roofs and facades. Like no other.

The following 9 properties show some of the differences between HFX stainless, conventional stainless steel and other construction metals. At the same time, these properties are the main reasons why HFX stainless is perceived as a better alternative.

4 times stronger

HFX stainless is four times stronger than aluminium. This makes HFX stainless the strongest construction metal and particularly resistant to hail, storms and vandalism.

4 times matte

HFX stainless is four times more matte (88% less reflection) than conventional stainless steel. Because shiny stainless steel surfaces only belong on buildings if they are desired.

35% more flexible

The highly flexible HFX stainless was specially developed for roofs and facades. It is therefore 1/3 more flexible than conventional stainless steel and ensures a more attractive result.

1/3 less expansion

Less waviness, less expansion noise, less stress on the supporting structure and the longest roof membranes thanks to the low thermal expansion of HFX stainless.

80% less CO2 emissions

250m² of HFX stainless roof or facade saves 64,000 kilometres of driving compared to conventional stainless steel. A typical specialist company thus saves 1,600,000 kilometres per year!

60-year warranty

The best building metal goes hand in hand with the longest warranty for roof and facade systems available on the market.

Colour without colour

Coloured HFX stainless retains its colour without pigments or paints. This means that our coloured surfaces provide colour for generations.

Complete system

We are the only and first complete supplier of roof and facade systems made of HFX stainless. Everything from a single source.

From Austria

Why rely on global supply chains when good things are so close at hand?

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