Happy at home = happy in life

Part 1 of our 3-part series “Happy Home”: What do you think of when you think of your home? And what feelings arise in you? Proud? Comfort? Security? Happiness?

Since we now spend an average of 90% of our time indoors and are particularly connected to our homes today - in the age of Covid-19 - this topic is actually more relevant than ever. For this reason, over the next few weeks we will provide you with some exciting insights into the place, which, in short, is primarily used for personal retreat. What is there to know about it? A lot of things!

Money doesn't make you happy, but a nice home does

In June 2019, the Danish Happiness Research Institute published The Good Home Report. For this purpose, around 13,500 people were surveyed online in ten European countries, and 78 expert interviews with 20 questions each were part of the study. One of the key findings: 73% of those who are happy with their home are also generally happy in life. In addition, a “happy home” contributes 15% to the fact that we generally describe ourselves as happy. To better classify this number: The salary contributes just 6% to the general happiness account. For a happy life, your own home is about three times more important than your own income.

It's not just a place, it's a feeling

“A home is not just a place, it’s a feeling,” is one of the statements in the study report mentioned. To be more precise, five emotions in particular determine whether or how happy we are with our home:

  • 44% of happiness is based on pride.
  • 25% is based on the feeling of comfort.
  • 17% of our happiness at home lies in whether or how much we identify with our own four walls.
  • 10% is due to the feeling of security.
  • 4% is determined by one’s control over the home.

Those of us who are proud of it are particularly happy with and in our homes. Pride, for example, often means that people enjoy receiving visitors - because the furnishings are particularly comfortable, they have used their own DIY skills, or there are other special features to marvel at. Investments around the house and yard, in whatever form, obviously pay off. They benefit you - that's exactly how it should be!

Are you relaxed, free, safe and familiar?

Another study from 2016, which was carried out by the most famous Swedish furniture store with a total of around 12,000 people, says: Feelings that we particularly strongly associate with home are relaxation, familiarity, security and freedom. Is it the same for you?

It's not the size that matters.

A lot doesn't necessarily help much when it comes to your own four walls - a big home doesn't automatically make you feel happier. In this context, the basis of the “needs pyramid” is the generally good condition of the accommodation. This means that e.g. a solid roof or good sanitary facilities are much more important than many rooms and floors. Whether the house or apartment is rented or owned is similarly unimportant.

As if Winston Churchill knew

The former British Prime Minister once put it quite aptly: “first we shape our homes and then our homes shape us”. 

What has to be done now?

So what should you do so that you feel as comfortable as possible at home, recognize yourself in it, feel safe and, above all, feel proud? This is exactly what we will provide you with the right answers in the coming weeks.

Until then, try to see the current circumstances as an opportunity - connect more with your home, your place of retreat. Go on a kind of journey of discovery: what makes your home your home? What else could possibly be changed? What do you particularly like? And are you happy with that?

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