Why HFX stainless is the best and most durable metal?

What makes HFX stainless a quality product?
Forever and ever? The most durable construction metal.
Life cycle costs, what is really favourable?

It's no secret that choosing the right material for your roof and facade is crucial. But while people are always trying to save on price and therefore quality when making purchasing decisions, today we show why quality is always the wiser choice.

Over 30 years ago, ROOFINOX developed highly flexible stainless steel with special FX effects. This material is completely care-free, durable, sustainable and the first complete stainless steel system for roofs and facades to come with a 60-year warranty.

What makes HFX stainless a quality product?

HFX stainless is characterised by its exceptional strength. Compared to other construction metals, it can withstand extreme loads and remains unchanged for decades. This strength results in exceptional resistance to storms and environmental influences - HFX stainless is almost 4x stronger than aluminium, for example.

The sustainability of this material is another important aspect. In contrast to many other materials, it is 100% recyclable and consists of over 90% recycled material, making its production energy-saving and causing the lowest CO2 emissions of all construction metals.

HFX stainless is easy and efficient to work with. Its excellent solderability and mouldability enable permanently tight and durable roofs, façades and roof drainage - and above all save renovation costs.

Silvretta Therme Ischgl, DURA-matte, Customized solution

Rauchmühle, TIN, Customised solution

Forever and ever? The most durable building metal

HFX stainless surpasses all construction metals in terms of durability. With an impressive life expectancy of over 200 years, it resists the ravages of time. This means that investments in HFX stainless are profitable in the long term, as it can be used for generations.

The exceptional strength of HFX stainless makes it particularly robust and resistant to ageing, temperature changes and UV rays. But corrosion and erosion are also excluded with HFX stainless, making this material more durable and environmentally friendly. It is rust-free and practically self-cleaning, which minimises care and maintenance.

In addition, no ongoing maintenance costs are required, which significantly reduces operating costs and results in excellent overall economy.

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Life cycle costs, what is really favourable?

Are you still thinking short-term or are you already planning for the long term?

Consideration of the life cycle costs shows that HFX stainless is the most economical choice compared to other materials. Although the initial investment may be higher, its long service life and lack of refurbishment costs mean that it is far less expensive than other roof coverings and construction metals.

The following graph illustrates this cost difference by showing how the total cost of life cycle optimised design (blue line) compares to conventional design (red line). It also shows that 80 to 85% of the total costs of a building are incurred during the use phase, which means that life cycle-optimised products pay for themselves disproportionately.

Using alternative materials is more expensive in the long run as they need to be replaced and maintained more frequently. HFX stainless, on the other hand, offers unbeatable overall economy.

Overall, HFX stainless is not only the best choice for construction, but also for the wallet. 
Quality, durability and sustainability make it the first choice for (long-lasting and) stable value building projects.

There are many terms and complexities in connection with stainless steel, 
so there can be a lot to discuss.

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From Austria - the better alternative

ROOFINOX is the Austrian manufacturer of the only complete stainless steel system for roofs and facades. Like no other.

The following 9 properties show some of the differences between HFX stainless, conventional stainless steel and other construction metals. At the same time, these properties are the main reasons why HFX stainless is perceived as a better alternative.

4 times stronger

HFX stainless is four times stronger than aluminium. This makes HFX stainless the strongest construction metal and particularly resistant to hail, storms and vandalism.

4 times matte

HFX stainless is four times more matte (88% less reflection) than conventional stainless steel. Because shiny stainless steel surfaces only belong on buildings if they are desired.

35% more flexible

The highly flexible HFX stainless was specially developed for roofs and facades. It is therefore 1/3 more flexible than conventional stainless steel and ensures a more attractive result.

1/3 less expansion

Less waviness, less expansion noise, less stress on the supporting structure and the longest roof membranes thanks to the low thermal expansion of HFX stainless.

80% less CO2 emissions

250m² of HFX stainless roof or facade saves 64,000 kilometres of driving compared to conventional stainless steel. A typical specialist company thus saves 1,600,000 kilometres per year!

60-year warranty

The best building metal goes hand in hand with the longest warranty for roof and facade systems available on the market.

Colour without colour

Coloured HFX stainless retains its colour without pigments or paints. This means that our coloured surfaces provide colour for generations.

Complete system

We are the only and first complete supplier of roof and facade systems made of HFX stainless. Everything from a single source.

From Austria

Why rely on global supply chains when good things are so close at hand?

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